Idaho Couple Paints “Homosexuality Is A Abomination” On Truck To Protest Marriage Equality

Justin and Melanie Sease
Justin and Melanie Sease

A homophobic couple in Meridian, Idaho cannot believe that same-sex marriage has been made legal in their state, so they’ve decided to do something about it.

“We can never accept public homosexuality!” Justin Sease told local news station KBOI2 from the pleather sofa in his living room. “It’s wrong, and it’s wrong in God’s eyes first. He’s very clear in the bible. The bible says that when homosexuality is publicly accepted, basically it spreads like a cancer!”

(We assume Sease is paraphrasing, considering that the word “cancer” didn’t even exist until the 17th century. Either that or he’s just talking out of his ass.)

To protest marriage equality reaching Idaho, Justin and his wife Melanie, who keep a holy bible on their coffee table at all times, have painted antigay statements on the windows of their SUV and rusted out pickup truck that read “God isn’t dead,” “Just say no to same-sex marriage,” and “Homosexuality is a sin and a [sic] abomination” among other things.

“This is kind of our little way of protestin’ the homosexual extremist movement,” Justin said.

When people see their painted vehicles, Melanie claims, “most everyone … gives us a thumbs up, waves, smiles, or honks.”

6a00d8341c730253ef01b7c6f5c7ad970b-300wi“They like that we’re takin’ a stand for the voters in Idaho and for the heavenly Father,” Justin added.

But not everyone appreciates the Sease’s vehicular protests. The family claims that, as a result of voicing their religious convictions, they have become victims of — you guessed it! — bullying.

“We’ve had a few homosexual extremists who cuss us out and get very angry with us and threaten us,” Justin said.

But they refuse to let some pesky “homosexual extremists” silence them.

“If nobody else is goin’ to do it, why not start doin’ it?” Melanie said. “Hopefully, other people will join us and follow us and do what we’re doin’.”

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