Take it off

If the idea of Chris Hemsworth shirtless gets you going, you’ll love “Thor: Ragnarok”

Um, hello? Eyes down here.

We’ve just learned the director of Thor: Ragnarok is more than willing to oblige the public’s ignoble, insatiable thirst for all things shirtless and Hemsworthian.

To hear director Taika Waititi say it, Chris Hemsworth appears sans shirt throughout much of the movie, telling Yahoo Entertainment:

“I was like, ‘Chris, you have to take your shirt off’. And he was like, ‘Oh, they always make me take my shirt off in these movies!’ But I told him we wanted bums on seats.

“I would say on the DVD you can expect a whole extra DVD just of that – four hours of him, slow-motion, black and white, black and chrome, full color, IMAX version, iPhone version.”

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Hemsworth says he wasn’t quite prepared to strip down. Which is a total lie, but whatever:

“In the very first Thor, I’d be training for months and months and months and Kenneth Branagh said, ‘What do you think about a shirt off scene?’ I said ‘Mate, I’ve been killing myself in the gym for eight months – I’m ready! Let’s go!

This time round, there wasn’t one in the script. I thought, ‘Thank God.’ Then Taika came up to me and said, ‘I feel like we got to put it in there, come on. Let’s be gratuitous and see some skin.”

You can see how much of this witty banter is a tease when the film opens November 3.