IDOL BATTLE: Why Clay Aiken Is So Bitter Over Adam Lambert


And here we thought Clay Aiken wanted to be best pals with Adam Lambert! Remember that rumor about how Aiken was desperate to record a duet with the Idol runner-up? Turns out a fellow openly gay Idol No. 2 had a change of heart — and is instead attacking Screeching Adam.

On his pay-only website ClayOnline.com (a membership can be yours for $30 a year!), Clay finds solace in his ClayNation of ClayMates. Which means he can unleash on Lambert. The homo is glad the other homo lost!


Now that it’s all over, and for the record…. I couldn’t be happier about the way AI ended this year. I only turn the show on once a season, and only to see what the set looks like each year. This year, I happened to turn it during the minute that Adam Lambert was singing “Ring of Fire” and, at that moment, thought my ears would bleed. Contrived, awful, and slightly frightening! I wasn’t really a fan and found myself surprised whenever folks told me that they liked him. Granted, I never saw another performance (and many folks who I trust said that he was great) but I can’t imagine I would have enjoyed it. Just not my cup of tea at all. To each his own. I never saw Kris sing on the show, but whether he was good or not is really relative. It’s usually a matter of taste, right? But Idol is not always a matter of musical taste only. It’s about the person you like. From what little I saw, Kris seemed likable. (That’s not to say that Adam isn’t just as likable as anyone.. maybe more so… I don’t know) When Ruben and I were standing next to each other every night (many years ago) you had two equally talented, equally unlikely, equally unpolished contestants…. so it really was a matter of taste as to who was voted for. While some may argue that one of us was hyped more than the other, I don’t feel that was the case. However, this year, there was an obvious bias. Not even having watched the show, I can tell you that I was WELL aware of the bias from the judges as to who should win. In my opinion, that is awfully unattractive. I don’t think I am alone

In my opinion, it all often comes down to that last night of voting. Until the finale, folks are voting for the contestant that they want to see continue. But, I believe that on that last night, the dynamic changes. No longer forced to choose one person that they want to see win, the audience can effectively vote AGAINST the person that they don’t want to see win. In the case of season two this might have happened. There may have been some folks who voted for myself or Ruben because they didn’t like the other of us. I was the nerdy little girly boy who some didn’t want to see win, so they may have voted for Ruben. I don’t know. .. But again, I feel that Ruben and I were fairly matched. We both had our detractors and negatives, but I feel we were both very worthy of being on that stage in that moment, and either of us would have been worthy of winning. The show was different then, and folks made it in seasons 1-3 because they were “real” people who happened to sing/entertain well. But, somewhere along the way, AI stopped being about real people.

And because Aiken is a pop culture expert, he has a theory on why Kris won. Funny, because it’s the same theory that could be used to explain why Ruben Studdard beat Clay in Season 2! (Our emphasis in bold.)

In a battle between David and Goliath, my money is on David!

I think many voters got sick of being “told who to vote for”. I think many were turned off by the blatant favoritism shown towards one contestant. Therefore, on that last night, they used their votes against a contestant that they were tired of hearing about and for the contestant who had been written off. And, at the same time, I think they voted AGAINST an American Idol that has, for four years now, been more about the slick productions and polished contestants than it has been about finding the raw talent that it did in its first three seasons.

Those votes for Kris were also votes to return the show to its roots of finding “real” contestants with undiscovered talent and giving them the chance to grow and shine. They were votes that said “we’re tired of seeing contestants who already seem to know it all”.

Will American Idol choose to listen to the resounding and clarion call that those voters gave them?…. “Enough with the pretention. More Rubens, more Clays, more Fantasias and Tamyras and Kellys please.” My faith has always been in the voters. I think they have gotten it right every year (mine included). It’s now up to American Idol to decide if it will finally REALLY listen to the folks that keep it on the air.

Well, Clay. Glad to see you’ve at least come to terms with America voting for that guy we’ve never heard from again.

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  • dgz

    bitter, party of one? bitter?

  • dgz

    btw, Clay:

    1) the reason we have judges IS to tell us who to vote for. if they all share the same opinion, are they just supposed to shut up?

    2) the show is American Idol, not America’s vocal makeover. why must we always choose the diamond in the rough, and not someone who — despite having dedicated his/her life to performance — has not broken through? melinda doolittle, adam lambert, and chris daughtry deserve(d) the same chance as everyone else, and deserved to benefit from their hard work.

    3) your opinion is fine, but “made your ears bleed?” that’s a leeetle harsh to POST on your BLOG. when was the last time you heard one artist comment on another like that?

    4) adam made your ears bleed, but fantasia didn’t? huh. interesting.

  • D-Sun

    Well, the way I see it, Clay is jus-

    Wait, who in the hell is paying $30.00 a year to hear what this guy has to say?

  • Geoff

    @D-Sun: LOL…I was wondering the same thing. I just can’t seem to like this guy…even when he did his big comingouttobehonestforhisson schpeel he just comes across as ….sad.

  • brandon

    its so ridiculous that he had to open his mouth. adam could sing circles around this boy. is clay aiken even relevant anymore? i mean, spamalot? really? thats a step up from “grease”. he just needs to shut up.

  • Stamp

    He was more interesting in the closet.

  • lexi

    Clay who? I think most people had pretty much forgotten he exists! SOunds like he is a tad bit jealous to me. While Adam is a megastar and rockin out with the likes of Queen and KISS, Clay can just go on singing his show tunes and wallowing in envy.

  • Frank

    Looks like both are bottoms and are fighting for the same piece of meat…

  • broadway_baby

    Oh, Clay, you bitter old queen. Your internalized homophobia is showing.

  • luvrly

    I think Adam and Kris are gorgeous together!! Who thinks they didn’t do something in that house the contestants share?

  • joe

    Probably because he hid in the closet for years after the show, terrified of people knowing what was obvious… and then this other kid goes on the show, flamboyant and openly gay and confident in himself and gets tons of praise and fans? Aiken was a coward, now he just sounds like a loser.

  • atdleft

    @Stamp: Don’t say that, Miss Mean Girl!

    @lexi: OK, so Clay’s sounding like Miss Mean Girl, too. Where’s Kathy Griffin when we need her? :-p

  • inhale

    Clay, for you, green must be the new black. PooF, be gone! No, wait, you’re already gone. Bye bye, you bitter little pill.

  • Stamp

    What Miss Aiken is suggesting is that talent for the show should come from the streets, the sidewalks, the coffee houses of america where the untrained voice exists in a pure harmonic state of perfection, untouched and unscathed by commercialism, vocal training or high school theater. Miss Aiken you know, was originally trying out for the amazing race when a drag queen friend suggested that his eyebrows would look better on american idol. The rest is history. Old history. Miss Aiken can comment, but lets not forget, she is known to lie. Funny how all the old alumni show up around final time looking for one more spray of limelight on their fading careers.

  • atdleft

    @joe: Well, a loser who’s become a gazillionaire in the last 6 years since he’s been on Idol. Again, this may be a good sign for Adam. Just because someone else wins Idol doesn’t mean one can’t become a “winner” in the months and years ahead.

  • Clay Aiken

    As a former AI contestant, I know how difficult it can be for some of the public to understand what we go through. You just like me, am allowed to express my personal view – I think Adam Lambert has come a long way and I wish him nothing but the best. He was a runner up, like me and we have more in common then most people think. With a good PR team he has a measure for success. And if he reaches out for me, I would only be too happy to help guide his career in the right direction.

    Since AI, I have gone on to produce 4 records, performed on and off broadway, been a guest on several comedy shows, am working on a documentary, I am a UNICEF Ambassador and I donate my time, and music to various charitable causes all while controlling my career and my family. Anyone calling me bitter, better have the words and the background to back it up.

  • atdleft

    @Clay Aiken: Is that really you? Wow! Thanks for coming. And yes, I mean it. Any celeb who comes directly here to chat with us crazy, mean ol’ queens instantly earns my respect.

  • Clay Aiken


    You’re welcome. I always like to clarify how people perceives me. I’m Human just like the rest of you.

  • dgz

    @Clay Aiken:

    a) you’re not clay aiken.

    b) yes, clay is allowed to express his point of view. but if he does it sans taste, we are free to call it how we see it.

    c) guide his career? omg. clay should check his record sales. graphically, it’s an asymptote fast converging on zero.

  • adam

    Hey Thanks Clay

  • Kevin (not that one)

    Okay, seriously?

    Who cares.

    I was going to defend Adam, but then I realized that I don’t care what Clay Aitken writes on his private blog. I grew up in North Carolina and when I’ve back to the gay bars there as an adult, I constantly encounter these Dixie Divas. The difference between them and non-Southern queens is that they’ll smile to your face and “bless your heart” while they attack you…because we all know that Southern hospitality is superficial.

  • Dabq

    Go on Clay Akin, tell the truth! The bitter, petty posters here have an issue with anyone who does not walk and talk the way they do, and, its good to see someone who has been dissed to come here with the truth and facts, something seldom appears on this site for readers who talk every thread as nothing but the truth.

    And, keep on doing your thing, especially the UNICEF stuff, something dear to my heart.

  • anyway

    What a dickhead — Clay’s happy with how the finale turned out, even though he claims to have not watched anything more than Adam’s “Ring of Fire” rendition about two months ago… Yeah, quite the jealous dickhead.

  • anyway

    … and, right, you turn on Idol to look at the set. Exactly. And I suck dick for the protein.

  • dgz

    @atdleft: dudes. read the writing in his blog post, then read the writing in the comments. person A speaks English as a native language, person B mis-conjugates verbs. unusual for a former teacher, no?

    i appreciate your faith in humanity’s intrinsic goodness, but that’s a wee bit gullible.

  • stupid

    Gee, thanks for clearing that up.

  • dgz

    @stupid: well, it appears not everyone cottoned on.

  • BradSA

    Well Golleee Sarge. Lookit all the Lambert fans in high umbrage over Clay not being the big Adam fan the tabloids said he was. What? The tabloids don’t always print the truth! Say it isn’t so!

    His blog was about the fact that AI is going down hill to the detriment of the contestants and the viewers while they make more money and deliver less of the actual competition. Idol watchers should be just as pissed off about it. Before his blog was made public you were complaining about the same things he said were wrong with the show. Entertainment Weekly, US, OK, USA Today, and LA Times blogs have been saying the same things.

    The only difference is that he didn’t like Adam’s performance of Ring Of Fire and Adam’s fans are in a fury over it. Calm down, Adam will be OK.

    The rest of his blog is spot on. He didn’t once complain about not winning, he complimented other Idols that he does like. He understands how the show works better than anyone here because he’s been through it.

    By the way he has sung exactly one show tune since 2002 and that was while he spent 8 months on Broadway in Spamalot. He earned 2.2 million dollars doing that last year. More than last year’s winner David Cook. More than Chris Daughtry, more than any other male graduate of the show. Not too shabby if you ask me. If he had toured last year he would have made a shitload more because compared to touring, Broadway doesn’t pay nearly as well.

    Someone up there ^^ said that Adam is already a Superstar, before he has sold a single album or been tested in the real world. Adam has done some cabaret and was a chorus boy in the touring company of Wicked. He has never starred in a major role or carried a concert tour on his name alone, he hasn’t even done Broadway yet. Let’s wait and see where Adam is 6 years from now. There may not be much of a market for screechy 80s glam rock on stage or CD.

    The only thing those 2 have in common is that they were both on AI and are gay (although Adam isn’t admitting it).

  • Tony

    Ugh. What do you expect from this dildo, seriously. He was in the closet denying and lying for so long despite the fact that Stevie Wonder could see that his is gay.

    Douchebags come in all sexual orientations. Clay is a gay douchebag. Nothing more.

  • BradSA

    Perez Hilton has turned on Adam. He was a fan until Adam refused to admit he is gay.

    “Adam Lambert is lame. The guy still refuses to admit his homosexuality. And his reasoning is stupid!

    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly after losing American Idol, the former musical theater actor was asked bluntly about the “dangling speculation” about his sexuality.

    His reply?

    “It’s not dangling over my head. [Laughing] It may be dangling over yours, but it’s not over mine. Yeah, I think speculation keeps things really interesting. ”

    What? Why? The fucking show is over!

    Just admit it, homo, so we can all go home!

    “Like I said, I think speculation keeps things very, very interesting.”

    Oh, screw you. You can’t hide forever, just ask Clay Aiken.”

  • Henry

    1. That’s not Clay Aiken.

    2. If it is Clay Aiken, he shows how pretentious he is by listing his resume.

    3. If it was Clay Aiken, why post a reply on a mesage board instead of making a statement in the press to the same effect? You can use your favorite soft-ball, shine-your-butt, media outlet, PEOPLE. Hold up your baby again, and maybe you can even make the inside back cover.

  • BradSA

    Of course it isn’t Clay Aiken. If he wants to make a statement he’s got powerful PR people who can arrange it. He blogs on his private fanclub and its all over the entertainment news. It isn’t like he can’t get press, he gets it for every move he makes whether he wants it or not.

  • Alexa

    Of course it’s not Clay, he’s in Paris with his boyfriend at the moment and I’m sure he’s got better things to do than post here. So he’s not an Adam fan, big deal, I doubt Adam’s a Clay fan either, and I doubt he cares one bit that Clay doesn’t like his music.

  • Okie

    Clay, like Daffyd on Little Britain, thinks he’s the “only gay in the village”.

  • Reny

    “Perez Hilton has turned on Adam. He was a fan until Adam refused to admit he is gay. ”

    Cool! Maybe it makes me a hypocrite, but let the rabid dogs come after someone else for a change.

  • AC Walker

    I don’t really have a dog in this race- I don’t watch American Idol (though I’m forced by the incessant media coverage to be aware of it whether I like it or not) and I find neither Clay nor Adam to be any more talented than about 200 young men here in New York who audition every day and don’t get the lucky shots these two do. But, this is still hysterical- does Clay remind anyone else of the guy who was the Football captain four years ago and now comes back to every homecoming game to tell people how the team has gone downhill since he left? I suspect Clay is bitter that the public, by and large, doesn’t seem to care whether Adam is gay, and he feels that’s unfair- little realizing that, if he had had the balls to come out BEFORE his manhunt pictures were all over the internet, he might have received the same good will.

  • Tony

    Oh, another gay douchebag, Perez Hilton. He made Carrie Precum a star. She would be another future fat baby making suburban mama no one has heard of had he not called her the C word. Now she will be another fat baby making surburban mama who used antigay hatred we have heard of.

    Clay is just jealous that there is another American Idol closet case flavor of the minute making news. He is over and boring. Just another weak effete (sp?) douchetard who stayed in the closet until he was dragged out by his unsightly wig kicking and screaming. I wish Clay the best as he heads into middle-age with the money he made.

  • BradSA

    “if he had had the balls to come out BEFORE his manhunt pictures were all over the internet, he might have received the same good will.”

    Uh… there were no manhunt pictures. Are you thinking of Adam? He has pictures out there, Clay doesn’t.

  • hardmannyc

    @atdleft: If you think that’s Clay Aiken, I’ve got a bridge to Brooklyn to sell you.

  • BradSA

    Bridges sell like hotcakes around here.

  • AC Walker

    @Bradsa: I’m referring to these…http://www.hollywoodrag.com/index.php?/weblog/comments/clay_aiken_webcam_shots/

    …and before you go on and on telling me they’re fakes, let me say that the point isn’t whether they were real or not- the point is that the Paulus accusations were (finally) generating enough publicity that Aiken really had no choice but to come out.

  • Chris

    I went to the Clay Aiken site listed in this post and what did I find? This: “I know you probably realize this already… but.. if you think you’re following me on Twitter (or anywhere other than this site) it’s not me”.

  • Tom

    Man, who knew a doughy albino lesbian could turn so bitter?

  • damendo

    Clay Aiken is an idiot. Period! Who the hell told him he could sing anyway, who the hell buys his records, and who the hell would pay $30 to join his website? I could find much better use for $30 than that. As far as Kris and Adam go, they both have great voices in their own genre of music, and neither one of them need to waste their time singing a duet with Aiken. Dont be such a bitter ole queen Clay, just cuz 99 % of the world sings better than you!

  • Kevin (not that one)

    @Tony: Perez Hilton is the gay-version of Matt Drudge.

    Oh, wait! Sorry. He’s the out of the closet version of Matt Drudge.

    I mean, this douchebag crudely draws cum dripping from the mouths of celebrities and he’s treated as a credible source for exactly what? How the internet can take a fat, Cuban maricon and make him rich by stealing other people’s work while dragging down the intelligence of any who pay attention to him?

    Yeah. Perez has SO MUCH to say on this topic, for a cow.

  • jo

    devoted group of people – hanging in for this endearing fellow.

  • jo

    JUST A MINUTE – first,are you implying that Clay is saying he lost for the same reason he is saying Adam lost??? If so, you obviously never saw season 2. Ruben (Ruuuuuubeeeen) was pushed all season, including the show providing and passed out to the entire audience rally sticks with Ruben’s name on them the week before the final show.

    Clay has spoken very fondly of American Idol consistently for over six years, in spite of the crap Simon has thrown at him and the lies made up about him. Clay has said he would participate in AI year after year it was such a wonderful experience. He does not believe they cheated him in any way, even though the evidence of it can be found on many videos, both on and off of AI.

    AND, I am an admirer of Adam Lambert, and would have preferred to see him win. Howwever, Clay Aiken is allowed to have an opinion as much as I am, or Simon is, or you are. Everyone seems to be giving their opinion, and Clay is as well.

    The $30 annual fee to join the Clay Aiken Fan Club, gives an opportunity for many things – special tickets, Meet and Greets, an ongoing forum, Clay’s blogs, and other contacts such as Q & A sessions, vacation photos, unique videos, etc. Most artists do charge for membership in their fan clubs. Many thousands have belonged to this club, and many thousands more belong to several message boards dedicated to this incredible artist and man – in the US and around the world.

    You think $30 is a lot – there are fans who fly from New Zealand, Japan, Korea, England, Australia, etc. at least once for each concert tour, two or three trips to NYC for Spamalot – on and on. Many artists are in awe of Clay’s fans.

  • Prof. O. G. Whataschnozell

    I sure hope this is the last out of the closet (or even appearing to be out of the closet) person ever to make it to the finals.

  • Reny

    “Howwever, Clay Aiken is allowed to have an opinion as much as I am, or Simon is, or you are.”

    Speaking of Simon’s opinion, here is what he said about Ring of Fire. Was he jealous of Adam, too?

    “”What the hell was that?” “I mean sorry but, I would never go to Nashville if I were you.” “I think there are a lot of people throwing their television sets out the window at this point because.” “I thought it was absolute indulgent rubbish, if you want my honest opinion.” “I mean really, really horrific.””

    Watch: http://mjsbigidolblog.com/?p=2631

  • AC Walker

    You always know things are headed in the right direction when Simon Cowell is being used as an exemplar of classy discourse. Yes, everyone is entitled to his opinion- but it’s interesting that the people who trot that out as a defense tend to be the same ones who think that basic courtesy, politeness, and consideration are “phony,” and deserving of contempt. Which basically explains why shows like American Idol are so popular in the first place.

  • Elvis

    Hello, uh Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Elvis. Now I know your all upset and confused about the American Idol thing, but its going to be okay. Just remember I’m up here playing the big room in the sky and I’m kinda helping yall out down there. Remember I am the king and its all good and well, I gotta show to finish and oh yeah, Harvey says to tell ya that he loves you all and your all gonna be able to get married soon. Just keep pushin down there and he’s gonna keep pushin up here. Heck, uh, he’s even got Sinatra working on it. Well, good night ladies and gentlemen and God bless.

  • Tom

    He’s a flaming queen!

  • desertmac

    @Clay Aiken: Clay, you pathetic queen of the closet. You obviously were and still should be ashamed of yourself. Listing things you’ve done and volunteered for to try and sound like you’ve accomplished something does nothing to erase extremely bad form and vicious sniping at someone who obviously has more talent in his little finger than you ever even thought you had. Go away! Shut up! Nobody cares what you think, you poser.

  • mb00

    @Clay Aiken: If in fact you are Clay Aiken, then let me just start by saying that you can’t manage your own carrier properly, so how the hell are you gonna manage someone else’s. And weren’t you just dropped by your record label? Yeah, that’s real control over your “carrier”.

    And I’m with the rest of you, who the hell is gonna pay this troll $30 a month just to see that mug?

  • dgz

    UPDATE: Gayken just issued a [non]apology, according to website justjared.com

    UPDATE 2: Queen is thinking of hiring Lambert as a frontman, according to Reuters.

    so… that settles that.

  • Reny

    @desertmac: Are you really stupid enough to think that Clay Aiken will waste his time talking to losers like you? Anyone can post under any name here.

  • Mystify1222

    Here’s my take on the whole “Adam lost AI” thing. I think the judges purpuosefully hyped up Adam so he WOULD lose because they knew the AI contract would hurt his career. Adam is not your basic white bread performer and they all knew that. Kris fit the American Idol mold and the win would also help him career wise. Adam didn’t need the help and he’s been a winner for a long time. The guy is amazing and he’ll have a great career. LOVE HIM!

    As far as Clay is concerned, he should just go back to whatever gay rock he crawled out from. One magazine reported that there was one point where Clay was phoning Adam at least 3 times a day trying to convince Adam that they needed to work together. Eventually, Adam stopped taking his calls. Who knows…maybe Clay wanted a little hide the weiner action on the side too. Whatever he wanted, Adam made it clear that he didn’t want to get involved with Clay and now Clay is upset. Awww Clay, you poor little queen…get over yourself.

  • Mystify1222

    Oh…and about Adam not admitting he’s gay? I think he’s absolutely correct and more people should follow his example. WHO CARES if he’s gay or bi??? He’s an entertainer and his personal preferences on who he chooses to sleep with should be none of our concern…unless of course we have the opportunity to sleep with him (lol). I’m so sick and tired of people having to admit if they’re gay or not. Do heterosexuals have to admit if they use toys in the bedroom or if they prefer orgies over one on ones? I hate having the who’s gay or not bs thrown in my face day after day. Adam’s right…he is who he is and all you need to be concerned with is his talent. We’d all be better off if more people took his attitude.

  • Alexa

    Do you seriously think Clay would even consider the idea of working with Adam? Their styles are completely different, it would make no sense at all. Just because they’re both gay doesn’t mean they would want to work with each other, and I’m sure Clay has better things to do with his time than keep calling someone who won’t take his calls. Why are people so gullible as to believe everything that originates in the National Enquirer – which is where every single story about Clay contacting Adam originated. That’s the same rag that the week before had an “insider” (probably the same one) claiming that Adam and Kris hated each other, and that is obviously nonsense. Really, the whole thing is just stupid, why do people believe this shit?

    Saying that, Clay’s original blog was dumb, dumb, dumb. The part about Adam, anyway, which is all anyone seems to focus on – the rest I agreed with, I think there was a huge backlash against Adam because of the obvious favoritism shown to him by everyone. It happens every year and at first it worked (with Ruben, Fantasia and Carrie), but it worked against David Archuleta to a certain extent last year, and it definitely worked against Adam. I was getting sick of the pimping, and I love Adam and wanted him to win.

    @dgz: Clay DID apologize – to Adam. This blog is public so anyone can see it by going to his fanclub. He didn’t apologize for the rest of his blog.

  • gothboy07

    Okay, let’s just face this things!
    1) Let’s fac that the worst Adam Lambert’s Performance was The Grand Ole Opry Night, but did Gayken watch the different performance of Adam?
    2) He’s just another Homophobes out there (I have watched this list show thing and it said one thing to determine a guy is gay is that he is a homophobes). But did Adam said that he IS a HOMO? We all know that he is FLAMBOUYANT
    3) He is JUST JEALOUS Cuz Adam GETS all the ATTENTION NOW!
    4) He is insecure that Adam is a million better than him!

  • Win

    Sounds to me that Clay is afraid that Adam will out sell him in albums.
    Personally I think that Clay should come down off his high horse and just be happy that Adam made it to where he did. And that Adam like Clay, coming in 2nd place, Adam has a chance to do what he wants with his career and he will go far.

  • depfox

    I never liked clay Aiken Adam has so much more class

  • dgz

    i said it was a nonapology because i actually read it. not really an apology.

  • Alexa

    @dgz: how is this not an apology?

    I am sure that I will have plenty of opportunities in the coming years to hear Adam sing. I imagine he’ll be around for years to come. But in the meantime, I definitely don’t want to stoop to the level of so many negative freaks on the internet… so, I do apologize to Adam for my colorful (and negative) choice of words. I hope he can forgive me. I imagine he doesn’t give a damn! :-) God knows he shouldn’t. :-)

  • Reny

    @Win: “Sounds to me that Clay is afraid that Adam will out sell him in albums.”

    Several Idols already did that. Why would he care about one more?

  • dgz


    he’s apologizing for his diction, not his message. generally, i find saying “i’m sorry YOU took offense” unsatisfactory. and, although he’s entitled to his opinion, he didn’t offer an opinion so much as an insult.

    whatever, *i* wasn’t the target of his rant, so my reaction is irrelevant. bygones.

    interesting side-note: in my experience, i have found that newly-minted gays often overcompensate by becoming gay caricatures of snarky criticism. i wonder if clay was always like this or if this is a recent development.

  • NationalWaterCooler

    Is it a requirement that you be in the closet to get on the cover of Entertainment Weekly?

  • Chris


    As someone who’s worked in agencies with PR professionals, this comment stinks of PR.

  • Enrik

    Clay, I signed up for your site but there was absolutely no pornographic video downloads! I am filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau, Key West Branch.

  • YeahYeahYeah

    Meanwhile, in the midst of this whole Oh Bitch Please furor, Adam and Kris are appearing on Larry King together being mutually supportive and complimenting each other for being truly talented, and acting like perfect gentlemen. Two class acts.

    Too bad other gays – especially Clay – can’t follow their example.

  • Reny

    @YeahYeahYeah: Let me see other gays being supportive and complimenting Clay first. I have yet to see anyone apologize for the years they spent trashing him.

  • AC Walker

    Most of the “trashing” of Clay was based on the fact that he was cowardly about his sexual orientation to the point of directly lying about it- and clearly was doing so simply to protect his career. The lies were so distasteful that when he finally came out, many of the people who DID support him felt betrayed. Since he WAS cowardly and a liar, I don’t see why anyone needs to apologize to him about it.

  • Reny

    @AC Walker: “Most of the “trashing” of Clay was based on the fact that he was cowardly about his sexual orientation to the point of directly lying about it- and clearly was doing so simply to protect his career. ”

    That is his private life, and none of your, or anyone else’s business. Dragging people out of the closet before they are ready to come out is not going to change anyone’s view on homosexuality. If anything, the lower you stoop in your attempts at outing, the less general public is going to care about you. Clay’s fans who followed him for years know exactly what happened to him, and if you think that it has won you any support, you are sadly mistaken.

    BTW, from what I hear, Adam is not exactly rushing out of the closet, either, regardless of how openly he lived his life before Idol. He thinks that refusing to discuss sexuality makes him more interesting.

  • AC Walker

    @Reny: “Clay’s fans who followed him for years know exactly what happened to him, and if you think that it has won you any support, you are sadly mistaken.”

    Thanks, but I don’t NEED your support. The worst argument in the world when someone behaves like a p***k is to say, “well other people were p***ks, first.” We’re not talking about all the shame poor Clay has had to endure- we’re talking about the incredibly tacky, rude, and unnecessary way he used his forum to attack someone else.

    As for Adam “refusing to discuss sexuality,” well, bingo. If you think sexuality is “private,” that’s fine. Then don’t say anything. Play coy like Adam does, or simply say, “no comment.” Clay did none of those things. He repeatedly lied, denied, and cried whenever anybody asked him about his sexuality. He called other people liars when they spoke the truth about him and did his best to assassinate their character. If a person wants to be private, then he should make damn sure that his actions are not known by anyone. Once a gay person does gay things in public, he should not have the right to expect anyone to cover it up, any more than Lindsay Lohan’s “privacy” is respected when she’s drunk in public. This mistaken belief that closeted gay celebrities deserve more regard than any other celebrity who’s trying to hide something about himself only contributes to the notion that being gay is the WORST THING EVER. Like, worse than being Amy Winehouse.

    I don’t care if someone’s private. No one should. You know how many people worried about Jodie Foster being gay? None. Why? Because she truly was private- she didn’t issue press releases every time she sneezed, she didn’t get caught hiring hustlers and attempting to have unprotected sex with them, and she didn’t go on and on about what a good Christian she is. She just lived her life.

    I care when someone directly lies to the people who are buying his albums and supporting his career because he wants to make an extra buck. And I REALLY care when people make an ass out of themselves, by themselves, and then cry that people are treating them unfairly for calling them out on their douchebaggery. He got to use his bully pulpit to act like a d***- now we get to make fun of it.

  • Charles

    Is this,” how you say” a lesbian? I am not sure?

  • jo

    Reny and AC Walker – a couple of points you probably do not know about.

    In 2003 Clay and Ruben appeared together on many TV shows and things like the Ford Conference – GMA, Early Show, Today,Oprah and Larry King Live. Ruben and Clay were incredible friends and are to this day. They always go to each other’s concerts, both have gone together to Kim Locke’s and Kelly’s concerts. These people get very, very close each year. Ruben and Kelly have come together to Clay’s home in Raleigh for an all night pool game. They both, also attended Spamalot in New York to join Clay in his triumphant gig, and to meet little Parker as well.

    I am sure that Adam and Kris will remain close as well. There is nothing like the closeness forced by stressful circumstances to make for mutual caring.

    Also, you need to know that the gay community seems to have been very welcoming to Clay. He was chosen to present the major award at the GLAAD presentation in April, which he attended with his friend Reed, and, also in April, he was personally awarded the Family Equality award for 2009 at the Tavern on the Green annual celebration. Clay likely should have told the world sooner, but he hadn’t even told his family until more than two years after he was on American Idol.

    Clay, currently, is in France for a brief vacation with Reed, who is presently in concert throughout Europe. By the way, it seems that Adam is a friend of Reed’s, as they were both in Wicked (Reed on Broadway and Adam on the West Coast).

  • Reny

    @AC Walker: That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Your post is full of shit that gay blogs and tabloids made up about Clay, and repeated so many times that fools like you have now started to believe it. That’s what makes me so disgusted about the whole forced outing thing, that anything goes because in your minds, the end justifies the means.

    Jodie Foster was lucky that no one cared enough to drag her out of the closet before she was ready, and she was able to come out on her own terms. Clay wasn’t so lucky, because the rabid dogs refused to leave him alone. We’ll see how Adam does.

  • Gay Clay

    I wouldn’t matter if Clay was straight or gay – he is an annoying, nelly little creep.

    I am no rocker but I love everything about Adam L. – – Clay will be singing third backup in the traveling version of Cats in a few years and Adam is going to be the star.

  • aayesha

    clay…get a life!!! adam rocks and you really should go back to being the geek you were before idols because your whining makes my ass bleed!!

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