If a Gay Singer Breaks MTV’s Top 100, Does It Make a Sound?

We keep getting these emails about Guyanese gay soul singer Nhojj, whose video for “Love” cracked MTV’s Top 100, which is, uh, impressive we guess? Because what does “a MTV Top 100” mean when the network has nothing to do with music anymore? Anyhow, the video is cute, and the song is sort of a Sade alternative for when you’re romancing a second date back at your place. A press release says Nhojj is the first black artist to win an OUTMusic Award, which is actually not something to really brag about. But anyhow, as Rod 2.0 notes, Nhojj was part of Pastor Joseph Tolton’s response to that obnoxious ex-gay gospel singer Donnie McClurkin, so that’s kind of neat.