If An Obscure GOP Presidential Candidate Supports Gay Rights, Does It Make A Sound?


When former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson showed up at last week’s Republican debate, he argued for eliminating the minimum wage, corporate taxes, and cutting Medicare nearly in half. He apparently hired an undergrad in computer animation to put together his campaign video. In it he commands you to “Imagine man administration for whom LGBT is not a 4 letter word.” Oh yes, a Republican presidency… what a refreshing kick to the groin that would be! Even though some Republicans now support marriage equality, Johnson and openly-gay Fred Karger will probably have to settle competing for “Most obscure queer-friendly GOP candidate” seeing as neither one has a snowball’s chance in hell of actually getting their party’s nomination. Plus, if you say something reasonable in a room full of insane people, does that really make you a hero? Nah, we didn’t think so either.

Via Joe.My.God.

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  • Scotty B

    How can we expect respect from any group for whom we publicly express such disdain? Because “they started it”? Weak excuse. I thought “hate” was a four-letter word in the gay community, but I sure see a lot of it here when it comes to republicans and religious folks. Rather than fall back on the divisive “us vs. them” mentality, why not try to find common ground? Just a thought.

  • Jperon

    Gary Johnson gets it. But it seems that some people would rather ridicule or satirize those who make the effort to understand the issues and support gay equality, because they are do not support the entire Left-wing platform. That implies to me that a lot of people put those other issues ahead of gay rights and that they too see gay people as second class — well behind all their other issues.

    I’m no Republican personally. I’m non-partisan, but I’ve spoken to Gary and he is open and understanding. I personally think him the best candidate out there. And the video is not a campaign commercial, just one of 14 videos of various kinds on his Youtube site.

    But I saw similar unpleasant comments made when Republican-oriented donors gave over $1 million to marriage equality in New York, far more than Democrats or liberals donated to the same cause. The donors who ponied up money were ridiculed and insulted and the Democrats who are only willing to spend other people’s money, not their own, were lauded and praised. All this indicates that gay people are second on the list and will be sacrificed for the good of the Democratic Party. I’m no one’s sacrafice.

  • GayGOP

    Gary Johnson is my candidate for President. He’s got, in my view, the right view on economic and social matters. I hope he wins the primary, though I doubt he will.

  • Baxter

    1) While he may have hired an undergrad to do that ad, it looks like Queerty hired a preschooler to do their proofreading. “imagine MAN administration”? Come on.

    2) What does a Republican candidate have to gain for supporting gay rights? You’ve proven right here that you’d only treat them with disdain, so why should they alienate other voters for no benefit?

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Baxter: 2) What does a Republican candidate have to gain for supporting gay rights?

    The right to live, in my book.

    @Jperon: This site is the bridge that gay trolls live under. You expect intelligent discussion? You haven’t been here long.

    Except for the anti-war crap I’m starting to like this guy.

  • Jeffree

    I’m all ears! Anyone who can help get the Republicans to moderate their social platform — and talk sense about the economy & jobs — will attract attention, even from people who’ve soured on politics.

    It’s a win for (potential) Republican voters, because aside from the tea partiers whose numbers are dropping, the polls show them most worried about the economy.

    It’s a good thang for Democrat voters who feel that their party is getting hung up on chess moves and compromises. With more challenge from the Republicans on social issues, the Dems will have to try harder to keep the base engaged.

    Will be watching this closely.

  • skzip888

    Another Libertarian who’s too cool for labels. Moving on…

  • Shannon1981

    @Queer Supremacist: I resent being called a troll…

    He supports gay rights and I am a one issue voter at this point so that makes him AOK in my book.

  • Armand

    I’d vote for a Republican than a Democrat in a heartbeat.

    I already have rights as a homosexual man. In fact, when Democrats promise the LGBT community something, it usually goes hand-in-hand with a welfare state, like Orwell’s.

  • J. Calvin

    “I already have rights as a homosexual man.”

    I lolled.

    “welfare state, like Orwell’s”

    I lolled again.


  • Armand

    @J. Calvin: Thanks for the support, girl!

  • Southside Shorty

    @Armand: You’re right on the money, Armie. We may think the Democrats are our biggest allies, but we only THINK that. Truth is, when a Republican goes out on a limb to support gay issues, you know it’s genuine because he/she has risked losing some of their core base to do so; however, support from Democrats seems to be conditional, i.e., vote for them and they’ll continuously tell you how they’re fighting for your rights, but funny how amazingly little they get accomplished. But to them that’s OK, because they already have your vote, and that’s the only thing that matters to them. Results are secondary.

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