If Archie Introduces Gay Character Kevin, What About White Supremacist Walter?

What struck me about this Archie announcement is that it seems we’re about to lose yet another safe haven for kid’s entertainment. Introducing a gay character may be “realistic” but does Archie have to be realistic? Kid’s entertainment doesn’t have to “reflect the current world of Teens.” It doesn’t have to present harsh realities or controversy. It can just be about fun or fantasy and it doesn’t have to delve into every aspect of life whether it be provocative, even deviate. Will the Archies have a skinhead character? Will they have a Holocaust denier character? Or how about on the other end of the spectrum and putting in a strict Christian character? Will Archie get one of those? Likely not as it doesn’t fit the liberal agenda. What we have here is the break down of another tradition of wholesomeness, just another way to eliminate good clean fun and turn it into something salacious. I mean, when I was a kid in the 1960s I didn’t want my comics full of the Vietnam war and race riots! I wanted to escape all that in my comics.

—Warner Todd Huston, the conservative Chicago columnist and old-ish person who is still alive to say things like this, about the doomsday scenario Archie‘s gay character presents. [via]

Huston also appeared in this CBS 2/Chicago news segment about the comic, which right off the bat brands the introducing of a gay character as “provocative.”

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