If Billie Jean King Wants Michael Bloomberg for Mayor, So Should You!


Billie Jean King is the lesbian tennis star who is not using flimsy gay marriage laws to find her ex in court. But King is the lesbian tennis star who received a Presidential Medal of Freedom. So certainly she carries some influence, right? Then you’re the type of person who will care that, coinciding with today’s 2009 US Open launch, Ms. King has come out in support of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s run for a third term. It’s no secret Bloomberg is after the gay vote, especially after a stab at helping Gov. David Paterson get New York’s state legislators to pass a marriage equality bill. But yes, this is the same man who has supported gay marriage for years, but still wanted it challenged in the courts.

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    Bloomberg has done A LOT to clean up our streets, help the city’s economy, and he supports marriage equality…

    I support him too ;)

  • z

    Sorry, but the third term thing alone makes me distrust him. Yes, he’s a vocal supporter of GLBT people, but his accomplishments are specious at best.

  • Dave

    The two term law should NEVER had been changed.

  • Sam

    @z: He’s a VOCAL supporter, but when it comes to taking action he:

    – sued to prevent marriage equality

    – vetoed a law to prevent violence and harassment against LGBT students in NYC schools and THEN when it was passed over his veto, refused to implement it

    – hosts fundraisers and stumps for homophobic bigots like former NY State Senator Serf Maltese, who we were able to defeat and replace with a pro-LGBT Senator despite Bloomie’s best efforts

    To me, actions speak louder than words. He’s TALKED a lot about gay rights, but when it comes to action, he’s done nothing but work against equality.

  • stevenelliot

    Billie Jean? Elton? Are gays destined to look alike when we get to that certain age??

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