If Bravo Is Denying There’s A Gay Housewives Show In The Works, Does It Make It True?

Ever since reports surfaced last month that Andy Cohen was putting together an all-gay Housewives, we’ve heard cries of, “Noooo, not another A-List: New York!” Cohen blew off the rumors (tweeting “Do you really think we would have a show called top to the bottom!?”), but that didn’t stop the Internets from discover who was in the cast, and how they were being told to shut up about it, lest they get dropped from the show. But now Bravo Media president Frances Berwick is saying, “No, we’re not doing a version of that [a gay Housewives]. It would not be wildly outside of our milieu to do something that focused specifically on gay characters. But as to doing Real Gay Housewives, we’re not going there. Or something like The A-List, although I never saw a full episode, we wouldn’t do that.” Does that mean Bravo’s gay Housewives is never going to happen?


No show is ever a go until, literally, it is a go. As in, it appears on air. Which allows Berwick to say “we’re not going to go there” … for the time being. Until Bravo actually picks up the show, there is no show, just a production company out there holding casting calls or rolling film, hoping the final product will be enticing enough to get a network to order it.

So while Lauren Zalanick, the president of NBC Universal Women and Lifestyle Entertainment Networks, also says news of the show is “made up” and “there’s absolutely nothing in development and never has been,” that could also constitute a hedged remark. Especially when she adds: “I will say we do have casting out there around a group of gay guys. In terms of Andy casting it, we have a team. We have a couple [of different shows]. I would say, really early days, we’re in development, but we’re also developing a ton of other things.”

Of course there are a ton of other things. Every season, there are a ton of other things. All of chatter just means Bravo hasn’t greenlighted anything. Yet.

I still think it’ll happen. At some point. And it’ll be called The Plastics.

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