If Brent Corrigan Makes You Laugh About Safe Sex, Are You More Willing To Wrap It Up?

There is a reason porn films do not have much dialogue or plot sequences: sex performers are generally terrible actors. The same holds true in safe sex PSAs, like this one starring Brent Corrigan and Matthew Rush. But maybe that gives it camp appeal?

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  • benjamin

    LMAO, Uhh..I think that spoofs are supposed to be badly acted, that’s what makes it funny. This was cute, though I admit I clicked over to see the real version after the stupid smiley face came up and spoiled the view!

  • 7

    Say what you will about Brent Corrigan, the kid’s got heart. And cock to spare, damn.

  • rj

    Yeah, I think the grainy film effect and black and white video are pretty good clues that this is supposed to be pure camp! Actually I thought Rush was pretty funny. Glad to see Corrigan is apparently reformed. I can’t get that damn song out of my head now tho…


    @7: The peen fairy is almost always very,very good to guys built like and same size as him,…………:-o

    Good for him doing some good…………..


    Damm! :-O

  • Alexander A.

    That was cute! Is it just me, or is Brent Corrigan one of THE cutest men you’ve ever seen? Although, damn, Matt Rush absolutely dwarfs him.

  • Alejandro

    I think it’s funny that the little squirty guy has a bigger cock than the chubby guy with the big ears! Which one is Matthew Rush? Is he the chubby one? With his build I’m surprised it wasn’t alot biger.

  • latebrosus

    Elmer’s Glue. I LOLed.


    @Alejandro: Didn’t you know? Big things come in small packages! :-p

  • Hilarious

    Cute video but god it’s pathetic that people still need to be told this stuff in 2010.

  • Fitz

    I think the whole series has been very good, in general. (That being said– I have never, and never will buy ‘safe sex’ gay porn.)

    @Hilarious: — they keep making new young people. So you have to keep re-teaching these things.

  • ganymeade

    I do volunteer HIV outreach and these clips are adorable, campy and just sexy enough to make an impression. Brent has been into safe sex since he left his teens just a few short years ago. He was very young- actually too young- (17) when he started in the business. He is growing into a beautiful, intelligent and caring man. Yes, he is incredibly cute and has survived well by not being done in by drug use or other self destructive choices.

  • Fitz

    Oh, and I never answered the question– No. I don’t use condoms, and I am not going to. I don’t like sex with them. They are anti-viagra for me. If I don’t feel safe, there are lots of other things I can do than having intercourse. Condom sex bores me.

  • alejandro

    OMG soooo good :D
    wish i’d seen this in school XD

  • Jeff K.

    OMG I had no idea he was such a little shorty! It’s ok though, I like my candy bite-size :)

  • rj

    @Jeff K That candy is MORE than bite-sized! LOL

  • Mike

    Brett Corrigan doing a SAFE SEX advert.

    Given his very public early porn career with Cobra (bareback and lots of it) .. doesn’t that just come over a little bit hypocritical?

  • djhoneycut

    @ Mike, or maybe a sign that he’s learned his lesson? Since he hasn’t made a bareback film in like 5 years, at what point does him advocating for safe sex stop being “hypocritical” in your mind?

  • B

    I thought it was funny, but mainly because the black and white print and style of the title and credits reminded me of silent films (although the video was not silent).

  • Hilarious

    @Fitz: Eh seems to me like more adults are the ones who don’t get it than the kids.

    Kids can teach most adults a thing or two about sex. Which is even more sad actually because they’re the ones who shouldn’t really be having in it in the first place.

    Kids should be taught about masturbation and adults should be taught some responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others so something completely avoidable can finally stop being passed around.

  • Sal

    The only reason Brent is against barebacking now is because it’s the politically popular thing to be against.

    He said he regretted the double penetration scene he did early in his career but in one of his recent films he’s doing that again as well.

  • ossurworld

    Was this filmed in the studio where the porn star went berserk and killed another actor with a sword?

  • Bob

    This is cute and very informative for the younger set, but many older guys who know all about condom use have problems with them (generally a lack of sensation leading to lost erections). For young bucks who can stay rock hard through anything this is fine but for some of us older crowd, condoms ruin sexual sensation. If only there was only another safe method!!!

  • Jack

    @Sal: Err, what’s wrong with DP?

  • ramon

    @Sal How do you know that he’s only against bareback because it’s “politically popular”? Are you psychic? Maybe he grew up and realizes that he’d rather not have HIV. In any event, who cares, as long as he’s doing something good? Don’t confuse the message with the messenger.

  • B

    No. 24 · ramon wrpte. “Maybe he grew up and realizes that he’d rather not have HIV.”

    Or, maybe when he started at a young age (17/18), they told him, “It’s safe – we test everyone,” without telling him about the window in which an infected individual tests negative, the possibility of processing error giving a false negative, or someone becoming infected after the test. A lot of things have to work perfectly for it to be “safe” and 18 year olds, particularly those who are not headed to college and graduate school, may not have a clue about why the risk is not zero, even with some testing.

    As he grew up, he may have simply learned more.

  • Jones

    @ganymeade: Do you conveniently forget that Corrigan started his career 1) as a minor, 2) barebacking 3) was closely linked with a murder? Sorry, I don’t think he’s a good example of a caring, young man. There are many other gay man better suited for this.

  • Jones

    @Mike: Sure is, man, sure is. And of course all these queens who like his cute face and big dick will rush to defend him.

  • oompaLoompa

    terribe acting!

  • ramon

    Uhhh’s a Spoof…the acting is supposed to be terrible..duh…some people have no sense of humor. What’s your next complaint: “terrible music!”?

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