If CA Sen. Roy Ashburn Doesn’t Want Gov’t Involved in Private Lives, Why’d He Keep Voting For It?

I truly believe the conservative philosophy as embraced by Goldwater: that the government has no role in the private lives of the citizens. In the 1980s, there was a coming together of the religious right and the Goldwater right, sort of a marriage of convenience. It propelled Ronald Reagan to the presidency. Reagan never repudiated that but — this is just my view — I don’t think he really embraced it either. In no way do I want to put down people of strong religious convictions; I happen to have very strong religious beliefs myself. But it was a merger of those two, and the religious [right’s issues] were about same-sex rules, same-sex marriage, abortion, gun rights, these sort of core, litmus-test issues.

—Roy Ashburn, the Republican California state senator, who has given up drinking, explains his belief in limited government — forgetting that he used his position in government to vote against gay people’s private lives [via]