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If Cupid Passed You By Take A Look At This Heartbreaker

vday1Thank goodness Marek + Richard is throwing everyone living in Singlesville a bone! The U.S.-based brand knows that sometimes love sucks on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes what you really want is pizza and a blow job. Or if love was really hurting this year, a line of crushed candy hearts and Grindr might do the trick.

The Marek + Richard Valentine’s Day lookbook release, entitled Heartbreaker, shows off looks with a hilariously bitter (or honest?) outlook on V-Day. The LUX SUX Drop Crotch Joggers take the cake — or rather, the first line of sugar. The trendy pants have a statement to make and they make it. In athletic letting and fortune-cookie wisdom, “LUX SUX” is written across the front of the pants.

The Suck Itself Racerback Tank states pure fact rather than opinion. This look reads “It ain’t gonna suck itself.” The Marek + Richard Valentine’s Day lookbook also includes snapbacks. One reads “himbo,” and another has 2.5/3 video game hearts.

Notice: No teddy bears were harmed in the photographing of this promotion.

You can see more of this photo shoot on The Underwear Expert.

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Photo Credit: Marek + Richard