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If Denmark’s Gays Claim To Have The Biggest Penises, Are Denmark’s Gays Also The Biggest Liars?

While we know men are prone to lie about their penis size, especially on a website like Manhunt where penis size gets the gay, it’s not like we can go around the world measuring everyone’s member. (Actually, don’t some scientists do just that?) So we have to rely on self-assessments to determine where in the world we can find the largest dongs, and if the men of Denmark are to be believed, they take home the crown with an average 7.59 inches, followed by Italy and Sweden. (The U.S. comes in at No. 9., with 7.37.) So who’s got the tiniest?

The boys of Malaysia, which ranks last at No. 40 with 6.08 inches. Perhaps not so curiously, Malaysia also has the world’s third-highest population of bottoms.

The full list of penises-by-nation is here, possibly NSFW.

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  • David

    Manhunt can’t be a reputable source for this study. Everyone on Manhunt seems to add one to two inches to their cock size. Subtract one to two inches from all the numbers in this study and you’ll have the real numbers. This works the same on Manhunt for determining someone’s real age. Subtract 5-10 years.


    Here is the actual list, lifted from the site………..

    Denmark – 7.59
    Italy – 7.44
    Sweden – 7.44
    Australia – 7.41
    Netherlands – 7.41
    Belgium – 7.39
    England – 7.38
    Switzerland – 7.37
    USA – 7.37
    Greece – 7.37
    Dominican Republic – 7.36
    France – 7.36
    New Zealand – 7.35
    Ireland – 7.33
    Panama – 7.32
    Spain – 7.31
    Canada – 7.3
    Cuba – 7.28
    Israel – 7.27
    Portugal – 7.26
    Brazil – 7.25
    Egypt – 7.22
    South Africa – 7.21
    Germany – 7.21
    Argentina – 7.21
    Chile – 7.19
    Colombia – 7.19
    Russia – 7.17
    Costa Rica – 7.14
    Venezuela – 7.11
    South Korea – 6.98
    Peru – 6.95
    Mexico – 6.89
    China – 6.86
    Thailand – 6.82
    India – 6.74
    Taiwan – 6.56
    Indonesia – 6.54
    Philippines – 6.14
    Malaysia – 6.08
    (All measurements are in inches)

    It seems that an editor at Manhunt told some intern to compile a list of countries and then assign some numbers next to them…..

    What kind of tool does one use to measure your tool to determine if your unit is 7.36″ versus 7.37″????

  • David

    Why do the Denmark and Sweden dongs look kinda South American in color?

  • Soupy

    I’m not Danish. But my dick is.

  • 7

    @Soupy: I’m not Malaysian, but…


    Since when is the American average 7.37?

  • Adam Sank

    Bullshit though this may be, I remember hearing the same thing about Danish dicks at a party on Fire Island nearly a decade ago. Maybe there’s something to the expression “Great Dane?”

  • Sean

    @7: They’re obviously lying. Average is somewhere between 5.75-6.25. There’s a chart somewhere that says 51% of guys are within that range.

  • UMB

    Remember, those are in gay inches.

  • Qjersey

    just to be a dork, those differences in size are probably not statistically significant when the size of the population for each country is accounted for. Regardless, we are talking about a difference of .2 inches, that’s less than a quarter inch folks.

    Anyway ask any bottom and/or c*cksucker and they will tell you that its GIRTH that counts. A 7″ cock that’s only 4 inches around looks like a hot dog, but at 5 inches around you got sausage.

  • Giovannidude

    How can you rely on those Danish guys for accuracy, when they couldn’t even remember that they hadn’t been circumcised?


    @UMB: Brilliant! brought to you by the same folks I assume who did the calculations for dog years……….. :p

  • Mike

    All the countries in the Top 5, are countries where guys are uncut. Why has Manhunt circumcised them all?

  • scott ny'er

    what about Norway? There’s someone I know who is Norwegian.

  • hephaestion

    Northern Europeans are the tallest nationalities on earth. So it makes sense that the Danes would have long penises. Denmark was found to be the happiest country on earth in a British university study a few years ago… so maybe they’re happy because of the long penises! God knows it’s not their weather that makes them happy!
    There are no Danes in this video, though:

  • Evan

    That’s impossible. Everyone knows that every gay man has an 8″ dick.

  • nineinchnail

    The average penis anywhere is about 6″. I reckon in this survey they have been measuring from the 12″ side of the ruler. What a crock this survey is!

  • Markie-Mark

    Actually, I’ve read in several sources through the years that studies prove that, on average, gay men have larger penises than straight men. The straight community doesn’t want this information to be disseminated for obvious reasons. But what I find strange about this “survey” is that everyone in the world measures in centimeters. Why is the information in inches?

  • Justwow

    I’m not saying this out of pride of being gay, but I believe gay-men tend to have bigger penises vs their hetereosexual counterparts. *dodges the flames*

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    Goes to show that men in general are full of shit and insecure when it comes to disclosing the size of their manhood.

  • whatever

    Rule of thumb on cruisy sites: Subtract 2

    When a guy lists you his height online, subtract 2 inches. The same goes for penis length.


    @Justwow: I 100% agree with you. I too have wondered if the “Gay genie” gave us a just a little more than the actual Gay gene :p

    I always see 5.5 to 6.5″ as the average size peen in almost every survey I have seen. Since day one of my so very Gay experiences I have encountered very few to under the 7 7.5″ size……………


    Arruggh! thats 7-7.5″

  • Philip A.

    Could you correct the measurement unit, It’s Centimeter! So gay!

  • whatever

    Rule of thumb: Subtract 2

    When a dude lists you his height online, subtract 2 inches. The same goes for pee pee length.

    (There, happy queerty? I have to use the other 2nd grade word for it so my post is not stuck in moderation.)


    @whatever: That one is #46 on my list of things that I will certainly not be able to figger out before I die………..

    Here in Queertyland, one can post cock, prick, pee pee, tool, junk, and any other word one can imagine to call the male sexual organ without getting auto flagged……….However if you post *oh the horrors* p e n i s ya get flagged…………

  • Dallas David

    I vaguely recall reading a news item reporting that Danes were the tallest people on Earth — as a nation, anyway. So it would follow that they’d have big hands, feet, etc etc etc as well.

    Nevertheless, it would be nice to see photographic documentation of their claims.

  • Wally

    The AVERAGE height for a man is 6’3 in Denmark.
    my god i couldn’t imagine. I wanna go to denmark. now.

  • Umm

    Why doesn’t this bring up the fact that Denmark also has the “highest population of bottoms in the world” according to the other Queerty article?? I mean, the author had no problem suggesting that Malaysians were bottoms because they had tiny dicks, but didn’t feel compelled to talk about the way that stereotype doesn’t hold up for the Danes…. Racist attitudes towards Asian men and their alleged shortcomings, perhaps?

  • Gojo

    People in the airlines travel all over, and it is a well-known fact that Scottish men have the largest dicks. Bar none.

    People can lie about their size in a survey, but when gay man after gay man comes aboard after a layover with stories of “OMG, you would not believe the size of Scottish men” stories, that’s the kind of hearsay evidence that is hard to ignore…

    Time for science to get on this… ;)

  • mikey

    what a bunch of bollocks! aren’t the brazilians or africans tops on that list?

  • ewe

    such utterly pressing news.

  • mikey

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: i thought that was another exaggeration again, lol!

  • mikey

    @Wally: height doesn’t translate to longer penis, am only 5’9 and i have 7″ cock!

  • clyde

    i have been told that the black man oly from afarica has the largest dongs on earth? avg is 16ins

  • clyde

    i dont think that height has anything to do with the dong size i have been with tall men like 6ft6in that a 4.5in dong

  • unioncitytn

    i myself dont like those big ones 6.5 is fime for me

  • mikey

    @clyde: no need to brag, but true! :)

  • Spansk

    I live in Denmark. That´s not true.

  • Thomas Carlsen

    I’m Danish and my penis is larger than 7.59. Just felt like bragging ;)

  • Alexander Nielsen

    I live in Denmark, but some other study also show that its Scandinavian men who got large dongs (except Finland). So where’s Norway?

  • Doug

    Are these measurements hard or soft? These studies never make that clear.

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