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If Denmark’s Gays Claim To Have The Biggest Penises, Are Denmark’s Gays Also The Biggest Liars?

While we know men are prone to lie about their penis size, especially on a website like Manhunt where penis size gets the gay, it’s not like we can go around the world measuring everyone’s member. (Actually, don’t some scientists do just that?) So we have to rely on self-assessments to determine where in the world we can find the largest dongs, and if the men of Denmark are to be believed, they take home the crown with an average 7.59 inches, followed by Italy and Sweden. (The U.S. comes in at No. 9., with 7.37.) So who’s got the tiniest?

The boys of Malaysia, which ranks last at No. 40 with 6.08 inches. Perhaps not so curiously, Malaysia also has the world’s third-highest population of bottoms.

The full list of penises-by-nation is here, possibly NSFW.