If Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Is Technically Alive And Well, How Come The Military Isn’t Firing Gays?

Though the president has yet to see the Pentagon’s report on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (which, says Sen. Carl Levin, will totally boost support for repeal), there’s some evidence the White House giving the law the stink eye is working: No homosexuals have been kicked out of the military since Oct. 21, when Defense Sec. Robert Gates began insisting military branch secretaries approve of any new discharges. So it’s totes like DADT is dead, y’all!

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  • Brutus


  • La Riposte

    The majority of Marines are unconcerned by potential repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”… Read the full story and find out the answers history gives for the following questions:

    – Why is the Commandant continuing to stonewall progress on repealing the discriminatory measure?

    – Will the Corps really have more problems than the other Services if this policy is repealed?

    – And is the war in Afghanistan a legitimate reason to delay repeal?

  • Kieran

    Because with TWO on-going, messy and bloody wars and problems finding new recruits the military has decided they just can’t afford to discharge any of the cannon fodder….but the policy whereby they can, if they choose to, discharge a soldier for being openly gay remains in place.

  • Daez

    I believe that Obama is stupid enough to poke our noses where we don’t belong. North and South Korea are most likely going to be in all out warfare soon, and in typical USA fashion, of fighting wars we have absolutely no business fighting, we will soon be in a three pronged war effort. How many more nations need to get involved in war with the US and its allies before its considered World War 3?

    So, in short, the pentagon can’t afford to get rid of any troops. They will just put gay men on the front lines instead. Its going to be a lot easier for military leadership to kill the gays then to discharge them. Which is probably the real reason that 75% of this country supports DADT repeal (a good 30-40% probably figures its better off the gays die than good ole’ “respectable” country folk like themselves).

  • Evan

    Yeah, it’s totally like DADT is dead…except that gay servicemembers still have to endure malicious outings, intrusive and embarrassing investigations of their sexuality, and quite possibly a total derailing of their career based on the investigation (which is done/seen/approved/directed by the people with the authority to promote them, reassign them, evaluate them, and recommend them for reenlistment/retention).

    No, the only difference is that they get to go on serving in limbo, most likely assigned to a nondeployable make-work position with other personnel who have ongoing investigations or pending discharges, while their actual discharge papers languish on a branch secretary’s assistant’s desk somewhere. that may not be the case for specialty officers like Maj. Witt who have supportive command structures, but I assure you it’s how it works for junior enlisted personnel. Paychecks go on while the investigation and discharge are pending. Career…not so much.

  • reason

    @Daez: You can’t put this South Korean obligation on this president, those alliances were made back in 1940’s. If we abandon South Korea, an advanced economy, it would be terrible for our economy and embolden our enemies. It would also elevate us to the most untrusted country in the world. What message would it send to the Iranians or the Chinese that are flexing their muscle in the pacific?

    Their are plenty of people that would happily volunteer to serve on the front line, that includes a cross section of the population. The Marines love the front line.

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