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If Ellen DeGeneres + Simon Cowell Aren’t Holding Knives At Each Other’s Necks, Does It Mean They Like Each Other?

Aww, here’s a report about how American Idol co-hosts Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell are getting along, which would appear to conflict with our own reports that the two hate each other.

“In the Idoldome, you feel like you’re watching a national television obsession. In the semi-finals’ Idolcupola, you feel like you’re watching the local news,” relays Adam B. Vary in a report filed Wednesday morning. “Well, that is, if the local news had Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres as anchors, which is about as far as I can reasonably bury the lead here: No, despite what you may have read, I detected zero frostiness between Idol’s two most famous judges last night [Tuesday]. Of course, despite what you may have inferred from Ellen’s nuzzling of Simon at the opening of the show, they didn’t act like the bestest of buddies off-camera, either. Ellen and Simon were, quite simply, professionally friendly with each other, which is about as much as one could ask of fellow judges in their first weeks together on a top rated reality competition program.”

Aww! Looks like they’ve figured out how to manage a media storm that could’ve destroyed the Idol franchise! Or, you know, driven serious interest in it.