Probing Questions

If Gays Can Legally Marry, Why Can’t This Member Of Parliament Wed His Children?

There are questions. If gay peoLiberal MP Dennis Jensenple are allowed to get married, why can’t you marry your cat? Why can’t you marry Jupiter? Your old Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom DVD? The pi formula? If gays can get married, what’s to stop alpacas from marrying llamas?

Fortunately, the questions Australian MP Dennis Jensen posed to Parliament on Monday were far more even-keeled than those we’ve listed above. No, Jensen merely wondered why he couldn’t marry his entire family.

“I love my siblings, I love my children, I love my parents,” he said. “But does that mean I should marry them…?”

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Using the same logic as that obnoxious kid in first grade — “If you love chocolate, why don’t you marry it?” — Jensen asked all the tough questions and pulled no punches: “Why not allow incestuous marriage if one or both parties agree to be sterilized? How about the love of, say, two sisters who have lived together for most of their lives? Should that be called marriage?”

Graciously, he made clear that he thinks same-sex couples should be able to formalize their relationship in some vague and abstract way… Just so long as it wasn’t, like, marriage.

Not surprisingly, his baiting questions earned Jensen a number of negative comments online, prompting him to tweet, “Amazing how many who preach tolerance are themselves unbelievably intolerant!”

Which begs the question: If gays can get married, what’s to stop Dennis Jensen from marrying someone who preaches tolerance but are themselves intolerant? Well, smartypants…?

h/t: Gay Star News