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If Gays Were Allowed to Serve Openly, Think How Awesome the USO Shows Would Be

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It’s been too long since Bill Maher has been on HBO to say things that offend everyone. In his a season premiere last night, Wanda Sykes stopped by for an important conversation about homosexuals in the military. It went swimmingly.

“They’ve embraced DADT, but they’re all for gay people going off and getting shot,” says the comedian, who was only one-upped by Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane: “If you’re sitting there watching TV in your undershirt, worry about terrorism, worrying about your family, and at the same time objecting to the person who’s out there putting his life on the line so your family can be protected, you’re the worst kind of fucking asshole there is.”

(If you wait long enough, you’ll hear what disgraced former Gov. Elliot Spitzer has to say on the matter — and how Wanda disagrees.)

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  • NoDoubleStandards

    I love Wanda. But, it is weird. You can tell that she is still an avid Obama supporter despite his failures so she’s trying to reach for excuses for him despite the fact she knows the policy is wrong. This is the effect of personality cults on debates. We protect the indefensible whether it is Obama or whoever.

    As for McFarland, he was totally trying to do a dig on Spitzer, and back peddled when he realized he may have crossed some kind of “don’t attack other guests on a show” rule. That moment of tension was brilliant.

    Overall, it is a very funny show.

  • schlukitz

    That’s rich. Spitzer is still giving his “opinions”? As if anyone really gives a shit about his opinions…on anything!

    The New York Daily News had this to say on Elliot Spitzer.

    Hooker-loving ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer is set to deliver a lecture Thursday at – of all places – a center for ethics at Harvard University.

    And the madam who supplied Spitzer’s high-priced escorts said she can’t imagine a less qualified speaker.

    “I am greatly intrigued as to what Mr. Spitzer could contribute to an ethical discussion when, as [governor], he broke numerous laws for which he has yet to be punished,” Kristin Davis wrote in a protest letter to Prof. Lawrence Lessig at The Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics.

    “As attorney general, he went around arresting and making examples out of the same escort agencies he was frequenting.”

    Calling Spitzer a “man without ethics,” Davis listed seven reasons why Harvard should reconsider.

    Among other things, she asked if it was “ethical” to hire a hooker using a fake name or lie about shady campaign loans.

    Lessig said Spitzer is not giving “a lecture on ethics.”

    “He has instead been invited to speak as part of a series on the topic of ‘institutional corruption’,” the professor said.

    Spitzer, who was forced to resign after his kinky romps with prostitutes were revealed, has been trying to remake himself.

    The so-called “Sheriff of Wall Street” has been lecturing on law and public policy at City College and has opined about the economy on TV.

    Now that Reverend Haggard has been “cured” of his homosexuality and his meth trips, I suppose if we wait long enough, we will once again be treated to more rants and attacks on homosexuality from him too.

    After all, who would would know more about the “evils” of homosexuality than an “ex-gay”?

  • schlukitz

    “If you’re sitting there watching TV in your undershirt, worry about terrorism, worrying about your family, and at the same time objecting to the person who’s out there putting his life on the line so your family can be protected, you’re the worst kind of fucking asshole there is.”

    Wow. Well said, Seth. That’s telling it like it is. Are you listening Mr. Obama?

    And with that thought still fresh in mind, and if you stop and think about it long enough, why would any gay person with a lick of sense, be willing to put his life on the line for such an ungrateful bunch of bastards?

  • NoDoubleStandards

    @schlukitz: Yes, it is true. Once you fuck a prostitute or have extra martial sex, it is a well know historical fact that means your opinion regarding what you actually did for a living rather than what you did in your private life is now proven false. Let me know when you are ready to grow up.

  • schlukitz

    No. 4 · NoDoubleStandards

    No doubt, your comment has something to do with something?

  • hephaestion

    God I loves me some Wanda Sykes. Wanda Sykes rules!

  • schlukitz

    No. 6 · hephaestion

    Wanda Sykes rules!

    That she does, friend. That she does.

  • Damien


  • Bob

    Oh lay off Spitzer, he’s a supporter and what people do in their private life is their own business(as long as it doesn’t conflict with policies they pushed in their public life and make them a hypocrite then it’s everybody’s business.)

    And thank God Bill is back.

  • drewbrown

    @NoDoubleStandards: I’m with you. Spitzer screwed up his personal life but he’s still a damn smart guy and supporter of our cause.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    I happen to agree, lay of Spitzer! Sure he was exposed as a big ol’ hypocrite and was a laughing stock for a minute, but that’s old news. Plus, deep down inside, every man wants to be able to afford high-priced ass.

    If I had a certain period of my life constantly brought out as evidence that I’m a lying whore of a man, I wouldn’t like it one bit. I could be a totally reformed lying whore, who’s to say?

    @no. 1 · NoDoubleStandards

    That awkward moment was totally priceless. But Seth made up for it big-time with the greatest soundbite of the segment.

  • nikko

    “Every man wants to be able to afford high- priced ass”?! Huh? Speak for yourself, sleazebag! Yuck, no, TAYLOR, some of us have morals, thank you.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    No. 12 · nikko


    No one has called me a “sleazebag” since tenth-grade and that embarassing ‘jock-strap incident’, which I won’t get into. But kudos to you for giving me a delicious flashback. ;-)

    Suffice it to say, you’re either a woman or from an era long forgotten when people at least pretended to do the moral thing every single time.

    Kenny Chesney has a song called ‘Dancin’ for the Groceries’. Beautiful song about, naturally, a stripper dancin’ to pay for her kids braces so they can have “perfect smiles someday”.

    She’d probably breach your moral code, too. Funny, Kenny didn’t make her sound like an immoral whore. Just a hard working mother.

    Anyway, the people Seth was talking about, the ones he described as the “worst kind of fucking asshole there is”, those people, now that’s immoral. A romp in the hay with a professional is not. Both parties are getting exactly what they want and it shouldn’t be anyone else’s business.

    Think of it as philanthropic, if you have to. And think of the braces.

  • NoDoubleStandards

    @Taylor Siluwé: well it is complicated. its true a street level hooker is being exploited. But, it is also true that a high price call girl makes a lot money so they are not really being exploited when someone is paying them 10s of thousand a night in some cases. at that point, they could easily stop doing what they are doing with the money they save.

  • Lukas P.

    I’m going to be entirely off topic here just to say I have always had a huge crush on Seth MacFarlane! I know he’s straight, and not very PC, but oooh those lips, that smile etc. make me swoon.

    I promise to be more topical tomorrow!

  • ossurworld

    Conservative gays receive little respect from liberals.

  • David in Houston

    Elliot Spitzer is wondering why DADT hasn’t been repealed yet? It’s because we have senior citizens running our country. These people still think we’re living in 1940. (Sen. McCain, anyone?) It’s as simple as that. Replace the House and the Senate with 30 and 40 year olds and see how quickly DADT and DOMA would be history.

  • Robert, NYC

    Back off of Spitzer. Many of you seem to forget that it was this brilliant politician, yes brilliant, who was the first governor to draft marriage equality legislation for New York state. Nobody told him to do it, he did it because he thought it was the right thing to do. It was one of the first things he did when he took office. I don’t give a damn what he does in his private life, nobody is perfect, at least he’s not a hypocrite mouthing off like Sanford did over the sanctity of marriage and denying Gay and Lesbian people in his state any semblance of equality. I’d vote for him again if he ever returned to the political arena. He has a brilliant legal mind and arguably the best prosecutor in the country when he was Attorney General for our state. The other hypocrite Giuliani paled comparatively. Spitzer even said that there’s no reason why Obama can’t sign an executive order to end DADT after Admiral Mullen made his speech supporting repeal. So please, think before you start bashing Spitzer. He’s still a good man in my book and a lot better than the majority of democrats put together.

  • NoDoubleStandards

    @ossurworld: Asking us to respect you, is like asking a chicken to respect another chicken supporting Cornel Sanders at KFC.

  • NoDoubleStandards

    @Robert, NYC: So far there is only really one or two nasty peo re spitzer. i actually really like him. He was for wall street reform before the general public even realize how bad the apple cart is.

  • Jacob

    HAHAH love the way they put that!!! Sometimes humour is the way to go in order to get a point across to certain people and this works…

  • deetto

    I’m personally beginning to think that gays are attention whores. I mean it doesn’t seem to matter how much hate a person has spewed against our community before, as long as they just mention – even once, that they support gay marriage, you rush to his defence and make him a saint! I think it’s sad that even at a time when our community should be at its proudest we still grave and seek approval from no-counts. I love Wanda so much by the way!

  • NoDoubleStandards

    @deetto: @deetto: Who the panel hates us?

  • Justwow

    Seth once agains reminds me how much I hate him for being so HOT AND RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME.

  • schlukitz

    No. 18 · Robert, NYC

    I retract my comment no. 2. I was lumping him with the likes of hypocrites like Sanford and Ensign, both of who did not have nice things to say about gays, and that wasn’t fair at all.

    You are right. Spitzer did speak up for the LGBT community and for that, he is to be commended.

  • schlukitz

    No. 22 · deetto

    I’m personally beginning to think that gays are attention whores.

    No more so than the pinheads who garner attention by speaking ill of gays.

  • james_cambrdige

    “No. 16 · ossurworld
    Conservative gays receive little respect from liberals.”

    Absolutely right. Any reason why they should? Would you respect a Jew that attempts to join up with Nazis? No, so why should we respect a gay conservative??

  • Lukas P.

    I’d love to hear more from people who’ve followed his professional career, but based on the New York residents I know and folks who are or have been prosecutors w/i the gov’t, the consensus seems to be that he was very good at his jobs as Gov. & and fed. prosecutor.

    His private life sure created a scandal, but I can’t see how any of that made him any less of an ally to the BLGs, or taints his record in chasing down fraud and corruption.

    Clearly his difficulty controlling his peen and libido tarnished his reputation, but I don’t think it should mean his career should be put on the shelf or his good deeds erased.

    P.s. Do NOT get me started on Seth MacFarlane again!

  • Robert, NYC

    No. 20, correct!

    No. 22, Deetto…you’re missing the point in regard to Spitzer. Let me reiterate, Spitzer did not mention support for marriage equality just once. He in fact mentioned it many many times long before he became the first governor to draft legislation. He was for it while he was AG of NYS as far back as five years ago. He didn’t have to do it, but he did. He actually stuck his neck out in the process. How many others have done the same aside from Dennis Kucinish and Russ Feingold? I don’t give a damn what his past indiscretions were or are, its none of my business. It has no bearing on his ability to serve the public or his country. What I admire about him is his intelligence, his foresight, his knowledge of the constitution and his vast knowledge of what equality is all about. He can run rings around Obama on that alone. He is and always has been a strong ally of the LGBT community. We need every straight ally we can get and in my opinion, he’s number one on the list.

  • nikko

    Nope, sorry, TAYLOR, I’m a 41 year old gay Italian-Canadian male, and I
    don’t believe in prostitution,escorting, stripping, etc. Yuck. Degrading indeed. Being gay doesn’t mean I believe anything goes or there’s no morality. Quite the opposite, we must navigate carefully throughout our lives.

  • schlukitz

    No. 13 · Taylor Siluwé

    we must navigate carefully throughout our lives.”

    Oh, Lord…spare me, puleeeeeze.

    Exactly when is it, that Niko will cue the organist, mount the podium and begin banging on the bible?

    I need to know so that I can beat a hasty retreat. LOL

  • LoveMoby

    And I didnt think I could love Seth anymore than I already do. But I DO!

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