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  • adam

    I wonder if the media has been complicit in crafting George Clooney’s heterosexual image.

  • Abbie

    I love the cool way Clooney handled this. Why are some people so obsessed with where men like George Clooney and Anderson Cooper are sticking their dicks? I think I need a bottle of Pellegrino.

  • Jaroslaw

    So is GC Gay or not? I always had a hunch he is Gay.

  • Jaroslaw

    PS – did anyone else get no sound when they played the clip?

  • robert

    Its odd that he’s hardly ever reported to be romantically involved with a female, even though whenever he appears in public, its often with a female but the media never reports that they are an item as they do with other celebs. I wonder what that’s all about? Lets not forget Rock Hudson who always had a woman around and even married one to quash the gay rumors. Look how that turned out, many more have followed that route and I dare say so is George.

    My hunch is, he’s gay or maybe bi, whatever that is, and if he isn’t, fine too.

  • Marcus


    Yes. You have no idea. The media is one of the dreaded gate keepers of the Hollywood closet.

    If you remember, they tried to say that Malcolm Forbes was dating Elizabeth Taylor when he clearly was not. Michelangelo Signorile outed him for it. Even after his death, they went ahead and printed that lie over and over when the knew for a FACT that it wasn’t true.

    And they pretended Clay Aiken was straight–even after he was caught at those gay chat-room looking for ass.

    He’s not straight, Robert. Than has been word around here in Hollywood for YEARS. These stars follow the Rock Hudson code to a T. It didn’t end well for Rock, though. So sad.

  • jason

    For someone who’s a liberal, George Clooney would seem to be unbelievably homophobic if he were exposed as someone who’s been masquerading as a 100% heterosexual for all these years. Someone needs to tell George and his enablers that we in the community won’t take this shit anymore.

    The media, especially the liberal media, delights in elaborating on George’s heterosexual exploits. My message to the liberal media is that, if you’re hiding something about George, you’re enabling homophobia.

  • Marcus


    Jason, they’re excuse will be that being gay is a private matter and that they are against outing. Telling the world that John Edwards fathered a love child is our business, but the fact that your gay isn’t. Got it.

    Remember what Barbara Walters said in 2006 on The View: “Unless someone is openly gay and HAPPY to talk about, it’s nobody’s business, including mine.” So will ask all the personal questions, as she does, but won’t ask THAT question. See?

    That’s why they don’t ‘out’ Anderson Cooper–or Robin Roberts or Sam Champion from GMA.

    They know these people are gay. They just don’t like dealing with gay issues. It’s rather strange–since, uh, so many people who run the media are, uh, queer, ahem.

    I’m gagging.

  • robert


    Marcus, my gut feeling tells me the same thing, the vibes are definitely on my gaydar. I could be wrong, but nine times out of ten I’m usually right. With George’s immense wealth and lavish lifestyle, I can’t believe that he’d be afraid of losing any more roles by coming out and if he did, so what? I’m sure he’s going to be financially secure for the rest of his life with or without Hollywood.

  • jason


    If Barbara Walters made that quote about it not being any of our business, then she’s a hypocrite. She’s often one of the first to remind us that such and such is going out with so and so in the heterosexual context.

    The “it’s none of our business” line is bullshit that is designed to prop up Hollywood’s illusions and the very industry which sustains Ms Walters.

  • Jaroslaw

    #11 and others – for those not old enough to remember, Barbara Walters made a name for herself by asking what many considered at the time (many years ago) VERY inappropriate questions. I will never forget that she asked Queen Elizabeth about a health issue. Not that the Queen is a God or something, but how intrusive – why would the Queen’s health be BW’s business? What a hypocrite indeed to say “Gay” is a topic only if the person wants to talk about it.

  • Marcus


    There is no ‘if’, Jason.

    Let me provide the link:


    Your gaydar is correct. That being said, he would be fine, regardless. But you know some straight people: they would treat his ‘coming out’ as the end of the world.

    Then the Hollywood people would act like the didn’t know–which they do.

    Brad Pitt, Matt Damon (like he should talk, allegedly) have joked about George queerness for years, and for whatever reason, people and the media ignore it.

    It’s going to come out sooner or later.

  • Renee

    why does it matter? He seems to be a nice guy… Let him have a life woithou you fantasizing all over it ( that goes for everyone ) publicly. In your head, go to town. Enjoy. Just let these peeps have lives without you all up in it.

  • Marcus


    How did I know I would be asked the ubiquitous, “why does it matter” question? Carnac, I guess.

    Well first off, I never said it mattered to me that George Clooney is into men. It matters to him and his handlers because they spent YEARS crafting an image that is essentially a lie.

    You aren’t telling me I should buy into someone’s lie, are you? Because that’s what it sounds like.

    I know the score on George. He’s a fantastic fella. And sorry, I think you have me confused with you: I don’t spend my time fantasizing about Clooney.

  • Smelda

    He no gay

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