If Gerard Butler Were President, He’s Let the Gays Service Each Other Openly in the Military


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Well wasn’t that a particularly gay episode of Saturday Night Live? From Weekend Update’s Two Gay Guys From New Jersey (who are now enlisted!) to the historic look at gays in the Spartan military, it was gay gay gay. But aside from comedic value, there was societal value as well! Yes, besides seeing the entire male cast of SNL in crotch-enhancing warrior gear! With Gerard Butler’s turn as King Leonidas (read: President Obama), we got to see what a military would look like if gays were allowed to serve openly. Namely, hot oil massages and penis sheaths for all!


And if all that weren’t gay enough, there was this:

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  • Mike L.

    OMG Shakie there needs to focus on moving her hips and singing only, non of the other stuff that reminds me of madtv making fun of her. lol. I like the song except for the houling.

    And OMG Gerard Butler is so freaken hot!!! I want his organ pie. Lol.

  • Tylertime

    gerard butler has gotten FAT.

  • Mike L.

    True dat but I’d definitely still tap dat bisexual man.

  • Ian

    Re #3: Ditto! and Re: #2, just what’s wrong with a man who has some meat on his bones? Not every man and woman can look like they have an eating disorder like Calista Flockhart, and I’d hate to think of a world where everyone looks like only tough & dried out beef jerky in speedos.

  • j

    1:20, shakira is the worst mimer ever. Ever.

  • me

    you know, during that weekend update bit i may have been a little attracted to fred armisen for like the first time ever. scary

  • rf

    Who still watches this show????

  • jason

    Shakira elicits an EWWWWW from me. Talk about dumbed-down no-talent.

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