If God Really Hated Fags, He Would’ve Made It Thunderstorm On Their Supporters

Yesterday morning in front of the White House, the Westboro Baptist Church, which exists for blogs like us to waste copy on them, delivered one of their sad little protests, waving about their “God Hates Fags” signs and chanting something unintelligible about, well, god hating fags. (This time their ire was aimed at President Obama, who is the Antichrist, or something.) Good for Fred Phelps’ clan exercising their First Amendment. Better for the anti-anti-gay supporters who organized a counter protest nearby. But c’mon homo friends, where are your cool colored hoodies with your web address stamped on them? If we’ll give Westboro any credit, it’s in branding. And they know what type of signs appear better on camera.

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  • Alexa

    Why do we all waste time on these evil famewhores? They want publicity and we always give it to them.

  • burger king

    I think that the more people see them the better.
    They make homophobia/homo-hatred look really stupid and, well, hateful. I think seeing these fools might shame some homophobes into rethinking their hate.
    and for the record, God is gay, God is love and God loves f*#%ing!

  • Jen

    Love the the counter protesters used this as a fundraising opportunity with their phelps-a-thon. That model of pledged donations should be copied everywhere they go.

  • Mike

    We (the British) had a much better way of dealing with the WBC (westboro hate crew).

    We just banned them from even coming in the country.

    Maybe you could wait for them to go abroad and “preach” at some locals and then ban them from coming back into the USA?

  • sal

    phelps unites dems republicans,hmmmm

  • Aaron J.

    What a Klan those Phelps are!

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