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If Half of Tea Partiers Think Gays Have Too Much Power, How Come We Can’t Get Anything Done?

I love any survey data that says The Gays have too much political power, like this one from Tea Party members, of which 52 percent claim America’s queers wield an excessive amount of influence given their size.

That’s sort of a curious thing to believe, since if the gays actually had political power, there wouldn’t be things like DADT or DOMA. Which means instead of 1 in 10 people being gay, we need at least 6 in 10 for our “too much” political power to actually be viable enough to do anything.

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  • JamesStone

    Yea..I feel very powerful. I just wish some of this “power” would spill into my own life and allow my partner and I of 19 years to get married!
    I think it is so funny to see pics of these tea party protests. How many non-white good US citizens do you see in the crowd??

  • Brutus

    Because “too much power” does not necessarily mean “enough power to accomplish anything on their own.”

    Once again Queerty fails at basic logic.

  • Caine

    I’m not surprised.

    These teabaggers are nothing more than a bunch of republicans, conservatives and the religiously deluded. These people are just irritated we’ve got a black man investing a trillion dollars in America rather than the white guy that invested a trillion dollars in the middle east.

    That, and apparently, the time machine taking us back to the 1950’s was voted out of the federal budget by heathen democrats.

  • trickstertara

    If 48 percent of the tea party want to be taken seriously, how come they’re not powerful enough to get the jerks in the white hoods to stay away from the rallies?

  • hephaestion

    Ask any gay kid in high school just how much power the gays have.

  • alan brickman

    gays should take over this party..hawt!!!

  • unclemike

    No, Brutus, Queerty is failing at “teabagger logic.”

    There is a difference.

  • Jon

    It makes perfect sense if you are anti-gay tea-baggers then of course if the gays have any power then that is too much power. We gays have a tiny bit of power :)

  • J. Clarence

    Thank you, Queerty! That was my exact reaction when I read that statistic. I mean really if the current state of the gay lobby’s influence is a hate-crimes bill years overdue, piece-meal advances here and there, and a compromise bill to repeal a policy that 80% of Americans want to repeal anyway; I don’t want to think about what other demographics must had to do to get what they wanted.

    Seriously, if we have had to do so much to get so little, what the hell did Suffragettes have to do to get Woodrow Wilson to help push through the 19th amendment?

  • Syl

    FYI to everyone: This was a survey of less than 2000 people in one state (Washington), and, according to the criteria they were using to determine who was a “true believer”, only 335 people’s answers were used to construct what the views of the “Tea Partyers” are supposed to be. The responses of 335 people in one state =/= the views of the entire Tea Party.

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