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If Housewives‘ Danielle Staub Wants to Join the Queers, Let Her

It’s got “stunt” written all over it, but if RHONY‘s Danielle Staub wants to identify herself as part of the gay community, so be it. And while she used “gf” on Twitter to refer to Lori Michaels, who sings on Staub’s actually decent song, it’s not like she’s calling herself a lesbian yet. Seems she has a looser definition of “membership:” “Since birth, my daughters have been a part of the gay community. From teachers to friends, these are the people they are surrounded by. I don’t feel as comfortable around mainstream society as I do around that community. I don’t feel as comfortable around heterosexual people as I do around gay people.” Well let’s open our arms and welcome her, as we’ve always done to the freaks of society.