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If Jersey Shore‘s Mike Sorrentino Is ‘The Situation,’ Real World‘s Scott Herman Is ‘The Solution’

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The Real World: Brooklyn‘s Scott Herman already tried getting various talk show hosts to invite him and Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino to have an “ab off.” But now Herman is throwing around fightin’ words!

“‘The Situation’ has shit abs and I don’t have shit abs,” Herman tells Ben & Dave’s Six Pack of his MTV brethren. “I’m ‘The Solution’ if he’s ‘The Situation.'” Ohhh snap! “The guy’s from Jersey. There are a lot of different things Jersey guys use in the gym. Jersey’s known for ‘roids. Get a photo, compare photos.”

So, uh, you kids weigh in now.

(Cue to 26:28 for Herman’s interview)

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