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If Jersey Shore‘s Mike Sorrentino Is ‘The Situation,’ Real World‘s Scott Herman Is ‘The Solution’

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The Real World: Brooklyn‘s Scott Herman already tried getting various talk show hosts to invite him and Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino to have an “ab off.” But now Herman is throwing around fightin’ words!

“‘The Situation’ has shit abs and I don’t have shit abs,” Herman tells Ben & Dave’s Six Pack of his MTV brethren. “I’m ‘The Solution’ if he’s ‘The Situation.’” Ohhh snap! “The guy’s from Jersey. There are a lot of different things Jersey guys use in the gym. Jersey’s known for ‘roids. Get a photo, compare photos.”

So, uh, you kids weigh in now.

(Cue to 26:28 for Herman’s interview)

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  • Devon

    They should settle their differences like real men: nude and covered in baby oil.

  • ChrisH

    The situation is not attractive…. at all
    I have however been attracted to Scott since first seeing him on the real world <3 so sexy!

  • Scott A.

    No contest on any front – Scott Herman wins (my) hands down (all over his abs – and everywhere else) He also wins on the nice guy, gay supportive, smart, non-douchey fronts too.

  • tavdy79

    Herman’s hot inside and out. The Situation isn’t. Simple as that.

  • Arvin Arvin

    No Contest! Scott wins in a landslide! And this is just for the abs alone! The Situation is situated at last place .

  • Wicked Gay Blog

    I have to agree…NO CONTEST, Scott Herman wins hands down. Scott is not only an ally to the community but lives a healthy lifestyle that makes his abs no coincidence.

    In 10 years “the situation” will be wearing a stained “wife beater” and will have a huge beer belly.

  • Who Cares

    Now….that´s the perfect Solution for a crappy Situation…

  • Who Cares

    Now…that´s the Perfect Solution for a Crappy Situation…

  • Wy

    I’m sorry but I think I will need the results from a full Tongue-Topography of the areas to be compared to make a decision.

  • Hilarious

    There’s no contest. Scott won before there was a Jersey Shore.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    The problem is The Situation looks rough in the face. Real rough. He looks like Karl Malden’s ugly little brother. Scott is hot from face to ass and back again.

  • Michael

    Sorry but I’d rather screw the Guido…

  • OhCharlie

    @Devon: LMAO

  • osie

    ummm, I have better abs than The Situation…and the other dude needs to lose the banana hammock….

  • Day

    I would like to see this “Ab off”, as I am quite curious for how foolish both of these guys will show themselves to be. Two other points…
    A: There is a situation because the situation is not as cute as the show is trying to make him.
    B: He is not from Jersey (Scott should check his facts) be honest, one person is from NJ on that show.

  • keke

    Whats up with The Situation arms? No muscle tone.
    They look like those inflatable arm bands you put on little kids for swimming. Mike will be an ugly old man.
    He does look hard looking, and not in a good way.

    Scott is just a dream boat, Picture perfect image of wholesome American Pie. Who will always be a handsome hunk.
    Doesnt help the matter I’ve seen him at our local shopping mall
    in New Hampshire, and I got weak in the knees….LOL.

  • Bubba

    Hahah, sounds like Scott Herman’s got his panties in a bunch, feeling all left behind because The Situation has surpassed him in terms of popularity and name recognition. For good or for bad, ask most people in this country who The Situation is, and they will know, even if the next word coming from their mouths is “ugh”. Ask about Herman, and they will go: “Huh? Who?”
    Your time is up Scottie!!!

  • Bubba

    @Wicked Gay Blog: an ally! hahaha, good joke.

  • The Artist

    Drugs and crime spreading on the street, people can’t find enough to eat. Now our kids can’t go out and play. That’s The State of The World Today. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • rob

    @osie: Hey Ossie…if you were smart at all, you would know that he is wearing a jock strap, not a banana hammock….DUH to you, retard!

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