If Kirsten Gillibrand Gets Her Way, Gays Will Own All Of American’s Orphans By The Year 2070

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has introduced the Every Child Deserves a Family Act which would effectively legalize gay adoption in every U.S. state. Considering that the number of gay adoptions has tripled in the past decade, if Gillibrand’s bill passes we LGBTs will own all of the nation’s orphans within a few decades. Finally, someone we can depend on to mow the lawn and clean our dentures in old age!

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  • Aaron

    Own? What the hell?

  • Little Kiwi

    I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with this Class Act at a number of events in NYC. She’s the real deal, a passionate and intelligent politician.


  • Mikey

    There isn’t another word you could’ve used besides “own”?!

  • Kenny

    I hope the author of this piece gets the help he so desperately needs.

  • Will

    Exxxcellent…phase two of the gay agenda is on schedule. In case you’d forgotten, the agenda as it currently stands;

    1: Marriage Equality
    2: Adopt ALL The Children
    3: ????
    4: Profit!

  • Carl

    Once again, Queerty steps forward with some of the most inappropriate language for a story possible. If you want to further inflame the fears of those who oppose equal human rights, simply give them a link to this article. Seriously Queerty, you need to find a job for Daniel Villarreal that doesn’t involve writing articles, because time and again his language is crass, inappropriate and often insulting.

  • Kush

    @Carl: I agree 100%, this guy is the worst writer Queerty has. I’m likely going to stop visiting unless he stops writing.

  • Kenny

    @Carl: I hope he gets the counseling he so desperately needs.

  • damon459

    Did Queerty hire bloggers trained by Perez Hilton? If I wanted crappy snarky articles I could go there instead.

  • Tackle

    @Carl @Kush @Kenny @damon459

    Unfortunately Daniel Villarreal is not going anywhear and will not stop writing for Queerty. He’s gotten tons of complaints and has turned out to be very unpopular with many readers within a very short time and has been allowed to stay.

    The reason? remeber when Queerty folded and went under? Well the word is that Highness
    Daniel Villarreal came in and bought Queerty becoming majority owner. That should answer a lot of questions.

  • Steve

    that is rather unfortunate, It’s not like Queerty had very high journalstic standards to begin with (which sadly, seems to be the trend in most gay journalism)

  • Carl

    @Steve: I know of one, but it’s mainly UK based (although they do feature some of the larger US stories). For the most part, the standards are about on a par with the majority of small-scale on-line news media (although nothing next to reuters and the BBC). Far higher quality than Queerty has become.

    As for Villarreal, that sucks. To think that all it takes to try and start a journalistic career these days is a shed-load of cash. Shame he hasn’t the talent to go with it.

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