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If Levi Johnston Does Playgirl, His Giant Man Friend Must Be There


It’s laughable to think Levi Johnston is a gay icon. That doesn’t mean gay men don’t want to see him naked. So as he makes his Vanity Fair debut — ooh, he badmouths Sarah Palin! — the magazine is sure to deliver what’s likely the closest you’ll ever get to his Playgirl shoot: footage of him dressing. Actually, that’s not true.

In banter with Tank Jones, his Hollywood-y manager-adviser, Levi says of a Playgirl spread, “I’d do it.” Except as Jones notes, Playgirl models cannot disappoint in “the johnson area.” Will that throw a wrench in Levi’s plans to become a real gay icon?! Just keep watching, because Levi says Jones (his “right hand man”) has to be there if he strips down for the mag. Cute. (No mention of disrobing for a gay mag, though.)

Also: They made Levi stand a on building’s ledge while getting his picture taken. This has so many Palin metaphors!

UPDATE: Turns out that if the proposal is right, he will do Playgirl. But sorry, no nudes.