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If Levi Johnston Does Playgirl, His Giant Man Friend Must Be There


It’s laughable to think Levi Johnston is a gay icon. That doesn’t mean gay men don’t want to see him naked. So as he makes his Vanity Fair debut — ooh, he badmouths Sarah Palin! — the magazine is sure to deliver what’s likely the closest you’ll ever get to his Playgirl shoot: footage of him dressing. Actually, that’s not true.

In banter with Tank Jones, his Hollywood-y manager-adviser, Levi says of a Playgirl spread, “I’d do it.” Except as Jones notes, Playgirl models cannot disappoint in “the johnson area.” Will that throw a wrench in Levi’s plans to become a real gay icon?! Just keep watching, because Levi says Jones (his “right hand man”) has to be there if he strips down for the mag. Cute. (No mention of disrobing for a gay mag, though.)

Also: They made Levi stand a on building’s ledge while getting his picture taken. This has so many Palin metaphors!

UPDATE: Turns out that if the proposal is right, he will do Playgirl. But sorry, no nudes.

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  • Cam

    This is a way that Palin proves just what a stupid politician she is. Ok, she had her daughter and this guy pretend to be in a relationship for the cameras. Then as SOON as she didn’t win, they start hassling this guy about seeing his kid, she turns on this guy, and starts badmouthing him etc… What an idiot. She wants to come back in 2012 and she should have made sure that this kid had nothing but good things to say about her. But instead, she can only see the next 5 min. She was done using him, cut him loose, and now has had to deal with months and months of her dirty laundry coming out. Man, just how dumb is she?

  • Rick

    My suspicions are confirmed. Levi Johnston is not gay.

    And as far as Wasilla-wear, that’s what I wear everyday and I’m from La Jolla!

  • D-Sun

    “models cannot disappoint in ‘the johnson area.'”

    More like…The Johnston area.

    *Cue We Won’t Get Fooled Again*

  • WTF

    Actually Playgirl, being geared more toward women, is surprisingly more kind in the johnson area. Whereas gay male porn is focused on the ultimate goal of a man with a horse’s cock, Playgirl seems to focus on the male as a whole person, with cock size not always being a priority.

  • Lloyd Baltazar


  • Latebrosus

    He’s getting a little porky. Turn into Kevin Federline soon enough.

  • Glennmcgahee

    Why would Palin be responsible for this idiot’s seeking to extend his 15 minutes of fame?

  • Ben

    I don’t care what he does – just keep destroying Palin’s political credibility, and I promise you, kid, you’ll have a Presidential Medal of Freedom to brighten up your no doubt depressing, alcoholic middle age.

  • dellisonly

    Hate to be a stickler but did I not read on this very site that Playgirl had ceased operations. Like a year ago!

  • Dave

    I’d rather see Sarah’s Husband pose for Playgirl. Now HE’S HOT!

  • MamiJami

    Nobody actually thought he had a big cock….it was a fantasy….just like that fucktarded bitch of a baby mama mama that thinks she is going to be POTUS….


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