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If Model Daisy Lowe Really A ‘Mild Lesbian,’ Or Just A Regular Straight Girl Who Appreciates Feminine Beauty?

Is it just me, or does calling yourself a “mild lesbian” in a men’s magazine — that’s profiling you because you’re a hot, famous model — not actually make you gay? Daisy Lowe, the 22-year-old British model and daughter of designer Pearl Lowe and singer Gavin Rossdale, tells GQ, “Yes, I think women are really hot. I am, pretty much, a mild lesbian.” (She also calls fellow model Kelly Brook “such a hotty,” just in case you think she doesn’t mean it enough.) Does a mild lesbian make her bi? Maybe, since she’s dating Matt Smith, the Doctor Who actor, for a year. Or maybe calling yourself a “mild lesbian” is just a way to stay buzzworthy, and have dudes flocking to your movies whenever you kickstart the film career.

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  • jason

    A lot of women go around saying women are sexy, thus aligning themselves with the wishes of their boyfriends and husbands. It’s the ultimate act of female submissiveness to men. These women are man-pleasing doormats.

    As for Daisy Lowe, note how she’s saying it to a straight men’s magazine. It just proves that she’s pathetic and possibly homophobic. I wonder if her boyfriend Matt Smith tells the women’s magazines that he finds men hot. I reckon he doesn’t.

    It’s yet another double standard that’s exploited by women in order to make themselves more “appealing” to sleazy straight guys. Fuck off, ladies.

  • Satsuma

    @jason: Sexuality is a spectrum. Maybe she really is queer; you simply can’t know… so fuck off, yeah?

  • Soupy

    Jason, you are so far over the edge of reason, it isn’t funny. And your misogyny is frightening.

  • Alex

    Usually I think Jason’s obvious misogyny clouds his judgments. But on this one, I think he’s mostly spot on.

    Here’s a woman in a career that requires her to be sexually appealing, talking to a men’s magazine that’s interviewing her because of her sexual attractiveness … talking about how she’s a “mild” lesbian. My first reaction is to think that she’s just positioning herself to take advantage of the lipstick lesbian/bisexual fantasy some straight men have. That’s also my second and third reaction.

    So I find her comments crass and exploitative, but I don’t see why that implies she’s homophobic.

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