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If Model Daisy Lowe Really A ‘Mild Lesbian,’ Or Just A Regular Straight Girl Who Appreciates Feminine Beauty?

Is it just me, or does calling yourself a “mild lesbian” in a men’s magazine — that’s profiling you because you’re a hot, famous model — not actually make you gay? Daisy Lowe, the 22-year-old British model and daughter of designer Pearl Lowe and singer Gavin Rossdale, tells GQ, “Yes, I think women are really hot. I am, pretty much, a mild lesbian.” (She also calls fellow model Kelly Brook “such a hotty,” just in case you think she doesn’t mean it enough.) Does a mild lesbian make her bi? Maybe, since she’s dating Matt Smith, the Doctor Who actor, for a year. Or maybe calling yourself a “mild lesbian” is just a way to stay buzzworthy, and have dudes flocking to your movies whenever you kickstart the film career.