If Nancy Reagan Supports Marriage Equality, Why Can’t the GOP?

Further proof that Ronald Reagan probably wouldn’t fit into today’s GOP: in an interview with Michelangelo Signorile, Patti Davis says that her mom, Nancy Reagan, is a supporter of same-sex marriage. Patti’s comments come two weeks after she said her father would have supported marriage equality.

When asked point blank if her mother supported same-sex marriage, Davis answered, “She does.” She went on: “I’m hesitant to speak for anyone else, and she’s not comfortable going out in the public eye and getting in the firing line of anything. So, you know, I want to be cautious about speaking on someone else’s behalf. But let me put it this way: I think if she had disagreed with what I said publicly about my father she would have said something publicly.”

Given President Reagan’s often lousy record on gay issues, it’s an open question of how supportive he’d really be of marriage equality. Still, you take your victories where you can find them.

The Reagans aren’t exactly one big happy family. Patti and Nancy were estranged for years until they reconciled when Ronald was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. And brother Michael is unlikely to join in the equality love fest.

Early this month, he wrote an op-ed in which he questioned whether churches had lost their “institutional you-know-whats” and predicted that marriage equality would create “a very slippery slope leading to other alternative relationships and the unconstitutionality of any law based on morality. Think about polygamy, bestiality, and perhaps even murder.”

Unfortunately, it’s the Michaels of the world who hold the GOP under their sway, not the Nancys.

Photo credit: University of Texas Archives

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  • Cam

    The Tea Partiers can lie and claim that Reagan is their IDOL all they want, but the facts are they would have kicked him out of the party if he were around today.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Tap-dancing Michael R! holds sway over nobody! He’s a twit that somehow sidestepped being outed when he was young and gay, lucky bast*rd!!!

  • Gregg

    Bro Dakotah:
    No great fan of the Reagan kids, but I believe you’re confusing fundi-talkshow
    host Michael Reagan (adopted son of Ronald & 1st wife, Jane Wyman), and closet-case
    dancer and hard-lefty Ron Reagan (bio son of Ronald & 2nd wife, Nancy Davis Reagan).
    Unfortunately, the only Reagan sibling with any smarts (Maureen, bio daughter of
    Ronald & Jane Wyman) died of melanoma in 2001.

  • queerty1958

    Good for Nancy!
    Ronald Reagan being a Hollywood actor before politics, he was around lots of gay people. One of his friends was Rock Hudson. I don’t think that many of the right-wing haters would idolize Reagan if he were around today.

  • Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui

    Same-sex marriage is an injustice, an insult to the noble faculty of reason, and an absolute mockery of: the Laws of Nature, civil society, and the preservation and perfection of mankind.

    The broken families which same-sex marriages purposely create are necessarily vicious toward those naturally occurring consanguineous obligations between family members from which nations, sociability, and benevolence have naturally emanated.

    Children are not pets one purchases from rescue shelters(adoption clinics) and puppy mills(insemination and surrogacy). Children are human beings endowed with a natural desire to be procreated from an engendered act of love between a husband and a wife. Same-sex marriage is adulterous by nature and thereby destructive to not only children, but to our civilization.

    Same-sex marriage proponents demand “Marriage Equality”, yet, in return, they offer less-than-equal protection of the child’s happiness than can be afforded by the presence of both biological parents.

    Same-sex proponents profess that it is love which gives the right to join the institution of marriage, yet, in doing so, they selfishly violate the principle loving objective of this noble institution; to protect a child’s Natural Right to be raised by both biological parents.

    Same-sex marriage is not justice in the eyes of a child. Same-sex marriage is an abuse of power, a tyrannical subversion of the fundamental principles of marriage and the duties which it enjoins; contrary to the nature and state of man, same-sex marriage is merely the unwarranted whims of an ignorant and selfish generation whose conduct is nothing less that an embarrassment to the dignity of mankind.

    Here are two truths regarding marriage: (1) A man creating a family with another man is not equal to creating a family with a woman, and (2) denying children parents of both genders at home is an objective evil. Kids need and yearn for both.

    In fine, same-sex marriage is an unnatural extravagance which the supporters most ignorantly claim to be a “right”.

    “No one has a right to do that which, if everybody did it, would destroy society.” —Immanuel Kant

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Gregg: LOLOL… Dang! YOU are so right, and I am so embarrassed! Yes, I’ve never been sure that I had those two personages “straightened” out anyway. Thanks galore to you! ;-) Dak!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui: Waaaaay too wordy! And your point is? (I really think you’re on the wrong blog).

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