frisbee champ

If not the United States, Fred Karger Should at Least be President of the Extreme Frisbee Club


You’ve got to hand it to poor Fred Karger — despite being locked out of last week’s homophobic GOP debate, he just won’t give up, doggone it. Behold his latest campaign commercial, “Demon Frisbee,” which rivals Mike Gravel’s rock-in-the-pond for sheer strangeness.

Of course, he hasn’t got a chance of making it to the White House, but gosh darn gee whiz you just can’t fault his optimism. And in fact, that’s a cornerstone of the campaign: “optimism and getting along.” Swell!

And even if his chances are slim, it sure would have been great if they’d let him on stage for the debate, if for no other reason than to shake up the other Republican candidates who had nothing nice to say about gays. Even Ron Paul defended DOMA, saying that the marriage ban is good thing because it protects the rights of states. Ack.

Meanwhile, the polls have Karger puttering along at 1%, just behind former Senator and all-around creep Rick Santorum’s 3%. Santorum may have a bit more name recognition, but could he best Karger in a frisbee competition? WE THINK NOT.