If NYC’s Real Housewives Were Real, There Would Be a Gay Househusband


I do not watch The Real Housewives of New York City. But my boyfriend does, and he forces me to watch it by proxy, in the background. So I have a semi-working knowledge of the show’s terrible characters, their terrible attitudes, their terrible treatment of other people, and their terrible stab at cashing in on our fascination at anyone on a reality show. One of those characters is Alex McCord, the most trashtastic of them all, whose naked photos leaked after the show’s first season, and whose only goal in life is to climb the social ladder until a heel gets stuck in the rung and she tumbles all the way down. Always on her arm is her husband Simon van Kampen, whose name sounds as dreary as his voice. And if you’ve tuned in for even two seconds of this show, you’ve already suspected Simon was a flaming homo. Let’s let Alex put those rumors to bed!

Ask’s E!’s Marc Malkin: “There’s a lot of speculation on the show about your husband’s sexuality. How do you deal with that?”

Responds McCord: “It doesn’t bother me in the least. I know who he is. And it does make me laugh that when someone is different than they are, people feel the need to put a label on that. It’s pretty silly. I can certainly say that he’s the type of guy that if he actually were gay, he’d be out and loud and proud. But it makes me laugh. It really does.”