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If Only Jim Naugle Had A Brain

If one ever needed proof that Jim Naugle lives in another dimension, consider this snippet from last night’s conversation between the homophobic Fort Lauderdale mayor and CNN’s Rick Sanchez:

SANCHEZ: Mr. Mayor, let me just stop you right there because you used the world “homosexuals” and you’ve been quoted as saying this, which I think is interesting. You said, “I don’t use the word ‘gay’ because most of them aren’t gay, they are unhappy.” Did you really say that or is that a misquote?

NAUGLE: Well, again, that was the Sun Sentinel who — they don’t subscribe to the Rupert Murdoch method of reporting the news and letting the people decide. They always have an agenda.

Um, how does one even respond to something like that? Seriously, we’ve never heard anyone say such a thing about Murdoch without bursting into the giggles and/or bursting into flame.

But, wait, there’s more.

Naugle continues to sort of explain himself:

NAUGLE: What I did say — I was questioned by a reporter for why do I use the term “homosexual” instead of “gay” and I said: Well, many gays aren’t happy — homosexuals aren’t happy and I prefer to use the word rather than “homosexual” instead of “gay.”

SANCHEZ: But Mr. Mayor, who are you to define one whole slice of the population as a social psychologist and say whether they’re happy or not. Isn’t that beyond your purview as the mayor of Fort Lauderdale?

NAUGLE: You know, it’s my personal views, they were my personal opinion is to use the word “homosexual,” but the Sun Sentinel prefers the word “gay.”

As does the Associated Press and its associated papers. You know, the world’s respectable papers. We’re sure if Naugle had his way, no paper would use the word “gay,” nor would they use “homosexual”. No, they’d use a phrase “fucking ill shit stabber sinners”.