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If Real World DC‘s Mike Had Sex with a Lady Roommate, Will You Stop Saying He’s ‘Just’ Gay?

[flv: 650 340]

Real World DC‘s adorable Mike Manning had the family moment every queer boy wishes: Where his mom accepts him for who he is, and promises to learn more about the way his son lives, and they hug it out. Mike just happens to have enjoyed that moment while cameras were rolling. But less friendly than his family’s acceptance of his sexuality has been some gay viewers (and Queerty readers!), who still don’t believe Mike is actually bi. Sure, he can insist over and over that he likes girls too, but will was his acknowledgment, on Real World‘s online after-show, that he likes boys more than girlsquiet down the questioning? Or only ramp it up?

Better question: Will the rumors that he and roommate Ashley got it on — which neither will confirm nor deny — cement his bisexuality? You know, because he must prove these things to us.

[flv: 650 340]

But the BIGGER QUESTION: Why didn’t MTV’s cameras show this? Cheated!

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