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If Samantha Brooks Posed As A Dude To Sleep With Women, Is She A Criminal?

Samantha Brooks, a 26-year-old British woman, stands accused of pretending to be a dude to sleep with other women. Trickery! Posing as a one Lee James Brooks, she managed to evade detection — the “not having a penis” part — by claiming she had suffered from testicular cancer, which meant her female partners couldn’t touch her genitals. Brooks would instead put a condom over an “object” during intercourse. And she bound her breasts with bandages to hide their appearance, and would say she had suffered burns to her chest when asked about them. She’s now appearing before a court, having plead not guilty, on allegations she tricked two women, including one whom Brooks allegedly carried on an eight-year affair with, even proposing at one point. It’s difficult to tell what specific law she supposedly violated, but the BBC reports “she was accused of pretending to be a man to the first female between January 2001 and December 2009 to ‘obtain sexual intimacy or contact’ with her.” So what is this, a crime of fraud? Because we certainly don’t want to go down a path where transgender men and women — whether pre-op, post-op, or never-gonna-get-an-op — are suddenly turned into criminals for being less than forthcoming about their gender identity, right? At this point we don’t know how Brooks identifies (lesbian? trans?), but maybe that doesn’t (shouldn’t?) even matter. Because if I had a nickle for every time some guy lied to me about a seemingly crucial bit of information (his age, his weight, his marital status) just to get me in bed, I’d be wealthy enough to pay for Brooks’ defense.