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  • Eminent Victorian

    Actually, this is a picture of the cover of their album, “Night Work.” The last song on the album is called “Invisible Light,” which was streamed for free on the Scissor Sisters’ website, but it is not a single. The [kind of meh] lead single is called “Fire with Fire,” and has totally different cover art (a black & white photo of a woman’s leg).

  • Eminent Victorian

    I double checked: the album cover art is a photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe, of the bum of a ballet dancer who died in 1986.

  • Ian

    Can’t wait for the 3rd album to come out. Getting a queer infusion of music that I can play in my car nice & loud before or after work is sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane living in one of the more non-gay-friendly states.

  • jeffree

    Love the Scissor Sisters: first heard/ saw them on Leno or one of the latenite talkfests. They were on SNL too—i downloaded a couple songs & my friends were like “i don’t think theyre gay” until they saw the website, uTube etc.

    Worth a listen if you dont know their music………..

  • merkin

    Reminds me of that Loveryboy cover, but hotter


  • Fitz

    What is hot about him is not that he is hot & hunky (cuz he isn’t, really), but that he seems to own his right to enjoy being playful and sexual. It’s actually incredibly humanistic.

  • Jose

    @Eminent Victorian:

    well that just makes it awkward to look at now!

  • Cam

    I thought that they just came out and didn’t think their CD was good and they ditched it and started working on a new one? Is this the new one??

  • Eminent Victorian

    They ditched an album’s worth of music a little over a year ago because they weren’t collectively feeling the finished product. “Night Work” is the all new material. The production work on it alone will amaze.

    @Jose : I think the cover art is particularly striking given its historical background, which ads some interesting merch-psychology to what is, really, a hot ass. And everyone assumes it’s Jake’s (their covers always feature someone with his/her back to the viewer). It works something like a cautionary tale, perhaps (no pun intended)– you see the very attractive backside and may think of sex. That the photo is of someone who dies from AIDS in the 80’s adds a poignant element, no?

  • OnCloud9

    ewwww camel toe

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