If Taylor Lautner’s Biceps Can Beat RV Owner In Push-Up Contest, The Twilight Star Can Have His Money

The owner oft the RV dealership Taylor Lautner is suing for failing to deliver his custom trailer on time to his movie set has a better idea than facing down in court: facing down on the mats.

Brent McMahon, owner of McMahon’s RV in Irvine, Calif., knows a good publicity play when he sees one. So instead of caving to Lautner’s attorneys’ demands of a $40,000 settlement, McMahon is challenging the teen actor to a push-up contest. If Lautner wins, McMahon says he’ll write a check; but if McMahon wins, he’ll put the Children’s Hospital of Orange County in the “Pay To The Order Of” line.

For McMahon, who is 47 and “works out regularly,” it’s win-win: Free publicity no matter what, donating to charity if he wins, and an out-of-court settlement deal if he loses — which will make Lautner, of course, feel pressured to donate the cash himself. Which is what might happen anyhow: Lautner’s reps quickly turned down the contest offer, but welcomed a settlement in the form of a $40k donation to a charity.

Fittingly, McMahon’s offer was made yesterday at a press conference.