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If the Church Is So Concerned About Gay Marriage, Where’s The Uproar Over Divorce?

Bishop Harry Jackson, the religious zealot leading Washington D.C.’s ridiculous campaign to halt same-sex marriage, claims he’s “teaching, training, [and] having interventions” to keep people from supporting an end to marriage discrimination. Great. But why, asks Contessa Brewer pointedly today, isn’t he expending the same effort to, uh, keep people from supporting the right to divorce?

Even Jackson acknowledges “marriage is on life support.” But when it comes to his anti-gay tactics, is he really asking WWJD?

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  • Mark

    Yeah, if the bible thumpers are sooo intent on protecting the sanctity of marriage then they need to follow the bible about divorce as well and oh yeah, adultery is right there on the hit parade too! Talk about effing hypocrites!!!!!! I am at a point, and I am quite purposeful in this statement, I HATE CHRISTIANS!

  • DJ Lanza

    How can people justify needing a majority vote to have the fundamental right to get married? I mean seriously, why don’t
    we require everybody’s marriage be voted on before granting
    a license to anybody else to get married in the future? Oh,
    that’s right. It’s guaranteed by their heterosexuality.

  • ericka v.

    @2 Mark. What an imbecile,

    You should get down on your knees you imbecile, and thank Christians for their tolerant, liberal attitudes and remember that of the 48% of Maine voters that voted for same sex marriage nearly 95% were CHRISTIANS !!!! Moron!

    By all means keep demeaning those that supported you. No wonder same sex marriage is losing, demeaning the very people that support you. Real smart Mark. How stupid can you get.

  • jason

    Mr Jackson has ugly black male syndrome (UBMS).

    The reason they hate us is because we challenge patriarchy. It’s no surprise that the two most patriarchal religions (Christianity and Islam) have strong positions against homosexuality, particularly the male variety. Male homosexuality challenges their control over women and exposes their hypocrisy on so many issues.

    Case in point: the bisexual double standard. When the laws against homosexuality were written, they did not include female homosexuality. Female homosexuality was considered OK as it catered to the girl-girl fetishes of sleazy heterosexual men, such as the ones who run the porn industry. Now that we men have come along, we’ve exposed their hypocrisy on the same-sex interaction.

    We’ve basically exposed straight male hypocrisy vis a vis the bisexual double standard.

  • Terence Weldon

    The inconsistency of the main church position is clear, not only on divorce, but also other on sexual matters. The whole point of the distinction between civil and religious marriage is that the churches only recognise marriages solemnly consecrated in church. The Catholic Church is strongly against any sex outside of(church) marriage, as they are against contraception and divorce.

    Yet the Bishop of Portland, so stridently opposed to gay civil marriage, is silent on all of these others. To be consistent, he should also be opposing just as vigorously heterosexual cohabitation and access to contraception – both of which the Catholic Bishops are preparing to declare to be “intrinsically evil”.

    The church is clear in its opposition to a whole range of what it sees as moral evils: but only the gay one does seek to stop by legal means. Why the unequal approach, if not borne of simple bigotry?

  • mac mcneill

    I think as long as the Laws being voted on has just no gay marriages it will pass. You have the Church of Pedophile Priest pushing for it, you have the Church of Latter Day Pedophiles pushing for it and of course they use the scare tactics that it will be taught in schools. Which in itself is idiotic. The way to get the law voted against, is to include one clause, NO DIVORCE ALLOWED. It’s about time we punish the straights if the gays are to be denied their rights.

  • dk

    This has been my main point all along. The “religious” zealots and others who oppose gay marriage ought to clean up their own houses before they interject themselves into ours.

  • george

    A gold star for Contessa.


    @ ericka v.

    Just the fact that used the word “tolerant” tells me that you have no clue what this battle is about. Would you tell a black, jewish or asian person to thank another for tolerating their existence…their core identity? No, you wouldn’t. So don’t come to use with your crumbs and expect us to lap them up with a thank you ma’am.

    Those us that know what this fight truly means will NEVER thank members of an organization that exists solely to beat us down and keep us in lock-step. We’re smarter than that…

    If you are part of the catholic church…I don’t care how you voted…you are the opposition.


  • Stef

    The church and its leaders are silent on issues like divorce and adultery because it actually effects THEIR LIVES! Taking away their right to divorce takes away THEIR RIGHT, therefore, why support it? The “what if” factor stands strong, regardless of how in touch with God you are. “What if” you meet someone else when you’re married? “What if” your wife turns into a raging psycho? “What if” your husband becomes a convicted felon? “What if” you made a huge mistake and got married too soon? All these “what ifs” factor into every heterosexual’s thought process, and because of it, they want the option to get out of it. They might not act like it, but they support it because one day, it could be them who is in a terrible marriage and wants out.

    Gay marriage? Welp, they aren’t gay so taking away gay people’s rights has no effect on them. It’s basically like this: If brunettes were the majority of the world (life would be so much better,,,just kidding….sort of…) and they wanted to ban brunette hair dye, because they didn’t see it as “natural”, it would only effect others. They don’t give a shit.

    It’s total selfishness. That’s what it comes down to. It’s about selfish motives and the desire to create the “other”. Group/mob mentality. Wanting to be one of the same, included. When little kids gang up on another, most of the time it’s because they want to be included, they don’t want to be the other, they think that because everyone else is doing it, it’s right, and cool, and it protects them from getting any heat.

    Selfish. Plain and simple.

  • Attmay

    This man is an Uncle Tom. He follows the religion of those who enslaved his ancestors.

  • WallywutMD

    @erika v.

    You see, Erika. The comments of YCKTR should’ve opened your eyes. As a Christian, you cannot appease this ravinous homosexual crowd by offering them tolerance. “Marriage Equality” is just a front to disguise their true intention, which is to spit in the face of God. These are a people who’s hatred of Christianity is deeply rooted, and was most likely caused by the betrail of some significant person in their past who claimed to be a Christian in the face of the public, but behind closed doors, abused, raped or molested them. So in a sense, it is we Christians who have brought this fight upon ourselves by proving over and over again how hypocritical we can be. But our imperfections do not change the infoulable Word of God. We must repent of our own sins, stop tolerating sin, then stand up and fight tooth and nail to prevent sin from destroying us. Not all homosexuals are unreachable, but believe you me… There are many who will not rest until every drop of our blood has been spilled in the streets. You are witnessing the prophetic movement of the Antichrist. Stop offering them tolerence, because they surely will not tolerate you.

  • Jaroslaw

    YKCTR and Wallymud- perhaps Ericka went a bit overboard by calling Mark an imbecile, but I see her point.

    If 1/2 of the Christians voted in our favor, should we hate them all? I detest the 700 Club, FOF, Tony Perkins etc. and argue with people all the time who say “the Bible clearly says x,y & Z” (many languages over many centuries – it is anything but easy to know for sure)

    Of course, not outlawing divorce is total hypocrisy, but that is on the part of SOME Christians.

    But I would never say I hate all Christians. Most Christian countries are far more tolerant than non Christian countries.

  • Jaroslaw

    Sorry Wally, I just glanced at your post and missed the sarcasm/tongue in cheek! Great work! :)

  • TP

    no.14 tongue in cheeck, heh.

  • sal(the original)

    people leave these fine bmw driving pass homeless people ,not believing in science except when they wanna use it to keep a dead person alive Christians alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B

    ericka v. wrote, “@2 Mark. What an imbecile, You should get down on your knees you imbecile, and thank Christians for their tolerant, liberal attitudes and remember that of the 48% of Maine voters that voted for same sex marriage nearly 95% were CHRISTIANS !!!! Moron!”

    Perhaps Mark is a moron, but Ericka is undoubtably factually challenged to say the least – Given that 16 percent of Maine’s citizens have no religious whatsoever, plus whatever number of Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, and what-have-you there are, Ericka’s 95% number requires that nearly all atheists and non-Christian religious people in Maine voted in favor of Question 1, a claim that would be hard to believe without solid evidence to back it up.

    Mark is making the mistake of blaming all Christians for the behavior of some of them. Ericka, however, is making a similar mistake, just in the opposite direction.

    Guys, let’s at least try to get the numbers right. You will lose the war if you settle for flaky intelligence.

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