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If The Democrats Lose the House + Senate, Who’s Going To Say ‘Toldja So’ First?

Democrats are pretty sure they’re going to lose the House and maybe even the Senate, according to Politico‘s stable of never-identified sources. Says “one of Washington’s best-connected Democrats”: “Democrats kept thinking: ‘We’re going to get better. We’re going to get well before the election. But as of this week, you now have people saying that Republicans are going to win the House. And now it’s starting to look like the Senate is going to be a lot closer than people thought.” Now quick, everyone latch on to the scary idea that Dems could lose their grip on power and forever close the door on killing DOMA or passing ENDA! (On the upside, among the “vulnerable” Dems is Sen. Ike Skelton (pictured), who seriously sucks balls.)

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  • Ivad Enuffofya

    you nasty republican idiots clearly!

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    @Ivad Enuffofya: Seriously. All Obama has done, not just for Gays but in terms of programs for the general population should be put aside because the Queerty morons have their panties in a bunch because he didn’t stand up and say what? That he supports gay marriage? They would have lost both houses then too; it’s like through the looking glass in this place. Well, I hope the Repubs do take over both houses. I hope they pass the nastiest pieces of legislation ever against us; then Queerty can say “toldja so! you should have voted for the dems!” Clearly much of the gay community and every Queerty “writer” doesn’t know who it’s friends are and who it’s enemies are. Fucking idiots.

  • Ivad Enuffofya

    @JAMES_FROM_THE_GREAT_CITY_OF_CAMBRIDGE. I agree with you whole heartedly and lets face it you cannot dismantle 8yrs of mis-management and stupidity in the time the President has been in office. Republicans forget that these discriminatory systems where inherited from previous administrations. Everyone has their own agenda for change and whatever he does the President will be criticized by someone as it goes with the territory.

  • Equality NOW

    During President Clinton’s first term in 1994, the Republicans took over control of the House after it had been in Democratic control for 40 years…they took the Senate also amid Clinton’s dismal approval ratings.

    Two years later, Clinton easily won re-election.

  • Bill Perdue

    The Democrats are going to get trounced because there are no differences between the two parties.

    Obama is a total failure and GLBT folks are going to vote for leftist parties or sit it out in droves.

    Would Palin or McCain escalate the murder of GIs and civilians from Palestine to Pakistan? Obama beat them to it.

    Would Palin or McCain reward the looter class with trillions, bust unions and impose austerity programs on working people? Obama beat them to it.

    Would Palin or McCain push the passage of a health care scam that enriches insurance companies and HMOs while allowing them deny good health care to most patients and kill some of them by denying them needed treatment? Obama beat them to it.

    Would Palin or McCain support FISA and the Paytriot Act. Obama beat them to it.

    Would Palin or McCain sit on their asses while the Gulf of Mexico was turned into a sewer? Obama beat them to it.

    Would Palin or McCain refuse to end the Clinton policy of kidnapping, torturing and murdering civil and military opponents, including a fifteen year old boy with grievous wounds. Obama beat them to it.

    Would Palin or McCain ‘robustly’ prosecute Private First Class Bradley Manning, a hero of the antiwar and gay communities. Obama beat them to it.

    The only people fooled by Obama are spectacularly clueless dimbulbs or paid shills for Tim Kaine and Leah Daughtry of the bigoted DNC.

  • Bill Perdue

    One of the major reasons Clinton won was because he signed DOMA and ran radio ads boasting about to pander to bigots.

    That’s the same thing Obama did when he sabotaged same sex marriage in 2008, giving the bigots an unnecessary and unexpected victory.

    A Republican is a racist right centrist with a theocrat attached at the hip. A Democrat is a Republican in drag.

    With Democrats like this who needs Republicans?

    The looter rich much prefer working with Democrats like Obama and the Clintons – they’re greedier, they fool more people and they’re able to get away with a lot more than Republicans.


    As much as I would love to go all teabagger and toss all the bums out, we as a community need to keep the Dems in power. The last two SCOTUS appointments were basically changing a light bulb with the same color as the one you are replacing on a christmas tree. Doesn’t change the look of the tree much. Kennedy who has tilted more to the right that left wants out but has stated he will not step down until Obama is out. He is am guessin thinking a Jimmy Obama scenario, where he won’t have to wait 6 more years. If the Dems keep control will be a good signal that Obama can get a second term and maybe Kennedy will step down rather than wait out his presidency and still not get a repub. to nominate his replacment…

    What we have is the repugnaticans have been nominating pretty extreme frightwing lunatic type candidates who have zero appeal to anyone anywhere on the moderate scale. In NY23 last time out, they kowtowed to the teagbaggers and gave the nod to a extreme teabagger over a slightly more sane repub and the Dems captured that seat for the first time in decades.

    I have pretty much put away those smart rose colored glasses I donned as I entered the booth to vote for Obama. And am not so very optomistic it will be a Gay time for all come next election, but I still am somewhat confident saner heads will prevail and the repugnaticans will not regain control……….

  • James Davis

    @Equality NOW: Barack Obama is NO Bill Clinton. He isn’t even 1/100th of the great man who is former President Clinton.

  • Bill Perdue

    The Democrats are going to trounced becasue they betrayed everyone one but Goldman, Sachs, BP, Haliburton and the Pantagon.

    They deserve to get trounced.

  • tjr101

    @James Davis: You mean the “great” man that gave us DADT and DOMA? For sure Obama is not that “great.”

  • Mike

    The Dems will not lose control of either one.

  • Markie-Mark

    I know I won’t be voting for any Democrats or Republicans in November. I’m voting Green.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Markie-Mark: There are also some socialist parties on the ballot in scattered locations. If there’s no one on the ballot worth voting for, huge numbers of GLBT people will just sit it out.

  • Bill Perdue

    Mike, when you eat your words do you want jabanero sauce on them?

    MM, Besides the Greens there will be smatteing of socialist parties to vote for or you can join millions of other and vote for “none of the above” or just stay home. LGBT folks have no dog in the race between bigots and bigot panderers.

  • Bill Perdue

    There are also some socialist parties on the ballot in scattered locations. If there’s no one on the ballot worth voting for, huge numbers of GLBT people will just sit it out.

    Mike, when you eat your words do you want jabanero sauce on them?

    MM, Besides the Greens there will be smatteing of socialist parties to vote for or you can join millions of other and vote for “none of the above” or just stay home. LGBT folks have no dog in the race between bigots and bigot panderers.

  • Kalbo

    The Dems could rule for decades if only they would grow a pair. Here’s how:

    They need to first end the fucking filibuster and get shit done. We had good bills in the House but the Senate sucks. A supermajority should only ever be required for special circumstances. It’s an abused procedure so do away with it; you don’t have the guts to use it when you’re in the minority anyway so you’ve got nothing to lose.

    People want major health care reform with a public option, or even better — Medicare for all! The watered-down bill that got passed benefits the insurance companies way more than the rest of us.

    The polls show support gaining momentum for gay marriage. Take initiative. Repeal DADT and DOMA immediately and score some civil rights points before the courts do it for you.

    Tax the rich more to pay down the deficit; they were paying up to 90% in good times before and even in the 50s and 60s, they were around 70%. Tax 100% of income for SS; problem solved. And lower taxes for the middle class.

    Bust up the big banks and take away the insane bonuses handed out with taxpayer money. Audit the Fed and make it accountable, too.

    Start appointing judges like crazy! The other party stacked the courts for 8 years and we need to play catchup. So many vacancies to fill …

    Draw down the wars and America’s military presence. Doesn’t mean we can’t work closely with allies, but we don’t need to be a world police force, nor can we afford it.

    Start a major works initiative to modernize infrastructure (communications, transportation, energy) and get us off oil and coal by transitioning to renewables and nuclear. JFK got us to the moon within a decade, so why the hell can’t we do something as bold today?! It will invest in our future and employ millions.

  • jason

    Democrats have lost votes by pissing off the Right and shitting on their base. Their atrocious lying to the gay community won’t be forgotten in a hurry, and many Democrats will lose their seats this November because we simply won’t bother to vote. Barbara Boxer – that do-nothing scrubber who has hardly ever done anything for gay rights – will likely lose to Republican Carly Fiorina in California.

    As for Obama, he’s the king liar of the lot. He said two years ago that he was going to be a “fierce” supporter of our rights. Fierce, my foot. He lied, we died.

  • Cam

    I’m amazed when people say things like “After all Obama has done for gays”.

    The White house stated in no uncertain terms that there would be no movement on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell even though the polls said close to three forths of the country wanted it gone, the White house and Barney Frank pressured Rep Alcey Hastings into pulling back his bill to overturn Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It was only after Nancy Pelosi had to deal with sit in’s by gay groups in her office that she went on a rampage, and informed the White house that the repeal was coming at them whether they wanted it or not.

    Then the White house inserted an extra hurdle of an additional time limit into the Bill before they would agree to sign it.

    And before people go all crazy and scream “Well The GOP HATES gays!!!” yes, you’re right, having somebody ignore us is better than having somebody attacking us, but please don’t try to tell me he has done a lot for the community when what little he has done he had to be forced into. Even the case in CA. a massive event, did he speak out on it? No, did the White house? Oh yeah, with the typical mealy mouthed “Well the president has always supported civil unions” B.S.

    The problem with Politico’s polls are that the other nationwide polls put the Dems as up a few points in maintaining the Senate and only losing a few house seats. The fact is, all elections are local, it doesn’t matter what people in New York think about the Dems when a senate race is taking place in Colorado.

  • Cam


    Kalbo, much of what you say is good. Problem is, people are too smart to let 100% of their upper income get taxed. They will stop working after they reach that point, they will put it into loopholes, they will store it offshore, or they will move out of the country. People got to be rich oftentimes by knowing how to handle money, they will not simply give it away like that. however, a smaller increase would definitly provide a massive paydown to the deficit. Even taking us back to what we were paying under Clinton would be a gigantic leap in the right direction.

  • DR

    I’ll keep this simple.

    If (when) the Dems lose in November it will be because the utter and complete lack of strong leadership has alienated far too many voters. A Dem Pres, a Dem House, a Dem Senate, and they managed to water down almost every important piece of legislation which was passed.

    No courage + no leadership = no votes in November.

  • RBL

    Ike Skelton is a Congressman not a Senator. Our Senators here in Missouri are Claire McCaskill and Kit Bond. As a Missourian, I am not proud of Rep. Skelton’s position on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but he is better than the alternative Vicki Hartzler an ULTRA conservative Missouri state rep. Rep. Skeltn may need to change his view on DADT, but Vivki Hartzler needs to change her views on everything!

  • Bill Perdue

    We need a constitutional amendment guaranteeing wages and benefits at trade union levels for all workers, including immigrant and imported workers, students and trainees, the unemployed, homeless people living in Obamavilles and retired workers.

    We also need a constitutional amendment guaranteeing good housing, free education and socialized medicine.

    Those can never be accomplished by a pack gang of lap dogs of the rich like the Democrats and Republicans. What we need to do is radically distance ourselves from the bigots, warmongers, racists and tools of the looter class like Palin and Obama. Their two parties are politically bankrupt and extinct. And like the dinosaurs they’re not quite bright enough to figure that out.

    Secondly we need to concentrate on building unions and other mass movements as engines of fundamental change to combat the attacks on our standard of living and the rampant bigotry in the White House. Congress and the DNC and RNC.

    Reform of the ‘system’ in a late stage terminally ill capitalist banana republic is not going to happen.

    Why are these men smirking?


  • Sam

    @James Davis: Are you KIDDING? Clinton, who shat on us repeatedly? Who dismantled more social programs than Reagan and Bush I combined? Who did nothing his first two years in office then signed law after law passed by a conservative Congress which left our country crippled? THAT Bill Clinton?

    Bill Clinton was nothing but a first class bullshit artist who was able to charm half the country into not noticing how he was fucking everything up just as badly as the two presidents before him. Apparently you fell for it too.

  • Bill Perdue

    ^^^^^^Obama is a Clinton clone.

  • Sam

    I won’t weigh in on the sadness of the national Democrats, but we, as a community, CAN’T sit this election out. The majority of state legislatures are up for re-election this year, and the folks who get voted in will be responsible for redistricting after the 2010 Census.

    I know this is all wonky and technical, but the party that draws the lines can make it so they win a lot more seats. If the Republicans take over enough state legislatures to draw the majority of districts, we can look forward to nothing but anti-LGBT conservatism for the next 10 years. No chance of going back.

    So it’s important for us that Dems win at the state legislature level. We have to vote. If you hate your stinky Dems at the federal level, don’t vote for ’em, but make SURE that Reps don’t take over your state house. That really WILL fuck us for a long time to come.

  • DR

    @Bill Perdue: Sorry, bud, not going to support a socialist state.

  • DR


    So your answer is what, keep voting for the Democrats who continue to stab us in the back? Who wasted a supermajority? Who don’t know how to effectively lead or make decisions?

    Why should we continue to vote for cowardice and mediocrity? Why should we continue to vote for people who can’t even say the word “gay” like Bob Casey? Why should I, in 2012, cast a vote for a man who doesn’t believe in full marriage equality?

    I’m feeling a LOT of disconnect.

  • Sam

    @Bill Perdue: Sadly, I’m beginning to think so too. He also seems like a bullshit artist that talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

    I wasn’t trying to say Obama is good. Just that any gay person who thinks Clinton was better on gay issues obviously wasn’t paying attention. To use an analogy, when it comes to gay rights, Obama’s like the guy who asks you on a date, then doesn’t show. Clinton was the guy who shows, but then punches you in the face.

  • Bill Perdue

    ^^^^^ exactly. And in a broader perspective Obama is also a Bush Clone. He’s escalating Bush’s wars, he pigheadedly opposes our agenda, he passes out trillions to the rich and gives us austerity and union busting.

    The only differece is we got easter eggs from Obama – twice.

  • Sam

    @DR: Dude, I just said, “If you hate your stinky Dems at the federal level, don’t vote for ’em.” They’re the ones who wasted the supermajority. They’re the ones who didn’t deliver on any of their promises. Bob Casey is one of those at the federal level.

    I’m talking about your STATE legislature. NOT Federal. STATE legislatures draw election districts and will do so in the next term. If the Republicans draw most of those districts, we will end up with the most conservative legislatures and Congress that the country has ever seen. Not good for us, and not something we’ll be able to change until 2021.

    So boycott or vote against your Dem FEDERAL Senate and Congress candidates if you’re angry. But vote for your Dem STATE Senators and Representatives. Trust me, this is more important that most people realize.

  • DR

    My bad.

    Of course, my state Dems aren’t much better, with the House Democrats skimming money off the top of an unaudited slush fund to pay themselves while the state police and a slew of other state workers went without paychecks for several months last summer….I’m not likely to reward that behavior, either.

  • Sam

    @DR: Your choice, but just know that the results of this election are not the same as your usual two-year election cycle. If you say “Fuck You” to your state Dems this year, you’re basically saying “Fuck You” to the chances of State and Federal Dems getting elected for the next decade.

  • DR


    Such is life, Sam.

    I’m not going to vote for Democrats who put cash in their pockets at the cost of state employee salaries. While many state employees were trying to figure out how to pay their mortgages and bills, the House Dems were living as usual. Why should I reward that with re-election?

    As for the Federal Dems, with their cowardice and inability to lead, they’ve earned whatever happens to them. I’m tired of bogeyman politics and voting for guys who can’t accomplish anything.

    It’s not an “F-U”, it’s a reality check all citizens need to make.

  • Bill Perdue

    ^^^^^^ That’s really pathetic. Did Leah Daughtry ask you to make that up? (It’s a different Bill Perdue. I live in a different state.)

  • Bill Perdue

    ^^^^^^ Leah Daughtry is the one who signs your paycheck and writes your scripts.

    Like you, shes a racist who supports Obamas genocide and his denial of health care for immigrant and imported workers.

    Like you shes in a bigoted party that opposed same sex marriage, Unlike you, she’s not a self loather. Shes a proud, ordained pentecostal bigot.

  • GOProud Tea Party Homocon

    Bye, bye, DemonRats!

  • Bill Perdue

    ^^^^^^^ Lookie, jimmy, it’s your incestuous cousin-brother. No go out back and play in the shed.

  • Bill Perdue

    it’s james alter ego. say hi

  • Why All the h8? (John from England)


    You’re being very immature. Oh well, you’ll learn the hard way like us in the UK but this is typical of the left, you all think in such a short sighted way. But we’re luckier then you in the UK, our Right Wing party are just money grabbers who hate the poor and not really that bothered by what the religious evangelical right says. We realize thank god that religion has no place in govt. You guys don’t have that intelligence to do so-all such knee jerk thoughts.

    Furthermore to crazy et al, your country is not left and it will never be this liberal beacon you all think it will or should be because the democrats are in power. I don’t understand with your ability to use your brains, you somehow think that the Dems will be more popular if you go further to the left? Are you mad? Do you not realize how hated you are? Here you mentalists are calling Obama right wing but yet you go on any right wing site and they are calling him a socialist!??

    Have I missed something here? Obama gives jobs to gays in the govt and the right go even more insane. He appts women-a latin a and they want to vilify him.

    You have me stumped.

    He did this healthcare which is still protecting the healh companies-you guys are calling him a traitor and the righ wing public Stalin.

    I’m curious Bill and DR. When you go with your arguments to the gay patriot or other right wing blogs, what slant do you take your arguments?

    You both hate Obama, so that is a tick. One is more to the left and one is more to the right. You hate Obama for different reasons but the same issue! You say Obama is the worst man in history because he has done nothing for gays and they say he is the worst president in history because he has even created a pride day!

    So how does this pan out? You will never be friends with this commenters cause you like it up the ass but you both want Obama and the deems out so the Republicans can come back into power.

    Fair enough.

    But who gets the Short end of the deal? They get pride day taken away, get rid of al those gay initiatives like the Matthew Shepard hate crime stuff and look to get rid of gay marriage nation wide.

    And what do you get Bill and DR?

    Your country going more backwards? How insane.

  • the crustybastard

    If The Democrats Lose the House + Senate, Who’s Going To Say ‘Toldja So’ First?

    The gays?

  • Oscar Wilde

    While I understand the sentiments, voting against the Democrats, third party or staying home is another gay exercise of shooting onesself in the foot, the classic “I’ll show you, I’ll screw ME.” The gay hating GOP will love the gay community for that, the only thing they ever loved the gay community for doing, when otherwise making a carrer hating gays and others.

    Clinton did what he could, more than gays give him credit. I remember the times of the early 90s well and sadly the all the years right before it. Clinton opened the door with DADT. It was one reason the Democrats lost so soundly in motivating the GOP hate crowd. The GOP helped win on playing the gay hate ever since, even winning for a terrible party and President in 2004 by stuffing ballots with anti-gay marriage initiatives. The gay haters voted–and gays did not.

    That’s the thing. Gays must vote Democrat, at least until full gay rights equality exists. If gays don’t, they won’t get it, it’s as simple as that. Even if they don’t do a damn thing for gays, they sure as hell aren’t hell bent to do harm to gays the way the GOP uses it to get employed and give social approval to hating gays.

    First, the GOP must know that there’s also a penalty for being anti-gay. A vote for a Democrat is the only thing that does that. Some gays would be GOPers if not for that issue, but they won’t vote against themselves personally, sad pathetic exceptions like Ken Mehlman (every side of any civil rights issue will have a few Uncle Toms) and sad clowns still in self-hating denial like Larry Craig who still thinks gays have to go to the toilets to be themselves.

    Second, whilst the last two main barriers need to be crossed (DADT and gay marriage), the Dems have done tons for gays. They got the main civil rights protections through in the past 15 years. That’s no small feat at all–it’s flipped the whole thing around for gays from the 80s when gays were hated, criminalized, etc.

    Obama made his promise to get rid of DADT. He’ll do it too…that man will never leave office leaving that to the GOP. He’d even do it to spite them when leaving office at the least, but it’s clear to me that he’s allowing gay rights to sink in even more so the final kick of the rotten door stays permanent. Right now, the GOP is finally starting to hurt themselves by attacking gays because the sentiments are changing thanks to Dems giving gays rights and the public seeing gays are just fine and not the monsters the GOP has always claimed to get votes from bigots. Good. That’s a small wait more worth waiting to let them do that to themselves to crush the final power of the bigots when the last door gets opened. That’s what Thurgood Marshall did too when attacking ‘separate but equal’–he knew the best way was to kick the doors in that way because it would take time to get rid of bigotry that’s so entrenched. Be a student of bigotry in politics where it’s pushing a boulder up a mountain to do the right thing that the Dems have done, and the Dems are playing this hand correctly. It’s always pushing a boulder down playing to the politics of fear and hate, the GOP way on gays and other groups.

    But, Obama’s also not the man on the ballot this November–the Congress is. Most of those guys came through, support full gay issues, and even went to bat on other ones. They’ve passed loads of stuff they promised to do, even if not perfectly, and mind you, the House Dems passed things like the public option in health care. Most of the Senate Dems did too. Who watered down the bill and others? Only a about 4 Dems in red states about to lose and the GOP.

    So, why should me or anyone else who leans left ever want to punish the Dems? They fight for gays, and we quit on them????? I have a choice between Joe Sestak, a pro gay marriage pro gay rights guy who was pro public option, etc, and Pat Toomey, the Wall Street deregulator derivative guy? The Religious Right guy who is anti-gay rights? My House race is no different in the choice. Nope….all Dem.

    Even the Blue Dog who isn’t for gay marriage and repeal of DADT gives the progressive Dems the procedural power to advance gay rights. Vote Dem, vote often, vote if you’re dead Dem…until gays have complete freedom and rights in this country.

  • Bill Perdue

    1. “Clinton opened the door with DADT” He opened the door to bigotry and followed up with DOMA. Clinton is a bigot. Bush passed state DOMAs as a wedge issue. Bush is a bigot. Obama sabotaged same sex marriage in California, defends DADTand DOMA and refuses to repeal them or to lead the fight for ENDA, Obama is a bigot.

    2. We won’t get equality by voting for Republicans or Democrats. We’ll get it campaigning in the streets.

    3) We didn’t build our movement to stuff ballot boxes for bigots like Obama, Bush or Clintons, quislings like Frank or bigot panderers like Reid and Pelosi. If they can’t get elected that’s because they’ve managed to betray everyone but BP, the Pentagon and Goldman Sachs and now it’s payback time for working people and LGBT folks.

    4) The Democrats deserve to lose. The Republicans deserve to lose.


    On November 2nd 2010 vote left or sit it out. *

    On November 4th 2012 vote left or sit it out. *

    * unless there are important initiatives, referenda or propositions on the ballot.

  • Jake W

    Yes and clinton prevailed as an honorable president( not including the monica sex scandal). The only difference is that obama is black. I know that sounds rascist and wrong but let me break it down. The audience of the Republican party is 85 percent ignorant white people that probably say the n word. The rest of the republican audince are the wealthy. The reason republicans are fighting obama so shamelessly and viciously is not because of his policies its because hes black. Its one thing to get republicans who must impress their racsist audience to cooperate with a democratic president(clinton) but a black democrat! cmon. forget about it. This country will go down faster than a dolphin in an oil spill. if the republicans win the house. Absolutely nothing will get done, were talking about total gridlock.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Jake W: Then that’ll be just like the gridlock on passing ENDA and repealing Clinton’s DADT and DOMA.

    A Republican is a racist right centrist with a theocrat attached at the hip. A Democrat is a Republican in drag.

    With Democrats like this who needs Republicans?

    The looter rich much prefer working with Democrats like Obama and the Clintons – they’re greedier, they fool more people and they’re able to get away with a lot more than Republicans.

  • Bill Perdue


    John from england – I for one despise Obama because of all the hate he’s shown towards GLBT folks and working people. Why are you willing to excuse that?

    He began his campaign getting in bed with scum like Donnie McClurkin and ended it in bed with Rick Warren. Along the way he deliberately sabotaged same sex marriage in California and pandered to the bigot vote. Since then he’s defended Bill Clintons DADT and DOMA, refused to repeal them (the DADT compromise leaves military bigotry intact) and refused to push hard for ENDA.

    On other questions he’s even worse. His racist policies are murdering GIs and civilians from Palestine to Pakistan. He busts unions, enforces austerity programs and rewards the looter rich with trillions. He sat on his ass, a loyal lapdog of BP, while they turned the Gulf of Mexico into a sewer. His ‘health care’ scam will give trillions more to HMOs and at the same time contains a racist provision to deny healthcare to imported workers and a sexist provision to deny payments for abortions.

    Your question ought to be why Obama is despised by millions. And you should stop excusing him. From the point of view of the left, the antiwar movement, working people, GLBT folks, environmentalists and others he’s not just a failure, he’s the enemy.


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