dem doom

If The Democrats Lose the House + Senate, Who’s Going To Say ‘Toldja So’ First?

Democrats are pretty sure they’re going to lose the House and maybe even the Senate, according to Politico‘s stable of never-identified sources. Says “one of Washington’s best-connected Democrats”: “Democrats kept thinking: ‘We’re going to get better. We’re going to get well before the election. But as of this week, you now have people saying that Republicans are going to win the House. And now it’s starting to look like the Senate is going to be a lot closer than people thought.” Now quick, everyone latch on to the scary idea that Dems could lose their grip on power and forever close the door on killing DOMA or passing ENDA! (On the upside, among the “vulnerable” Dems is Sen. Ike Skelton (pictured), who seriously sucks balls.)