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If The Roman Catholic Church Doesn’t Like Being Persecuted, Why Is It Persecuting Gays?

THINGS WE WONDER ABOUT — Why does the Roman Catholic Church, which spent most of its existence fighting off persecution from other powers, now expend so much effort persecuting gay men and women, many of whom subscribe to its teachings? Also not off the hook: Jewish leaders, whose last bout of egregious persecution saw six million of them slaughtered, but who now feel it’s their right to go after queers, too. [Inverness Courier]

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  • terrwill

    Exactaly….. you have two entities who never it seems heard the “if you live in glass houses, you shouldn’t toss rocks” Well both of these hateful religions live in glass worlds. After seeing six million of their people perish because another group simply did not like their beliefs and there being thousands of kiddie diddlers in their religion both show what fcuking hyprocrites they are…………….

  • Wade macMorrighan

    Ummm…*actually*, the RCC spent “most of its existence” persecuting minorities who didn’t live up to their standards of religious piety, whether it be other religions [Jews, Cathars, or the straggling surviving Pagan religions!] or “heretics” [eg. Gays, cross-dressers (usually women who dressed in mens’ clothing!), etc.]. Don’t forget, they insisted upon “the Holy Inquisition”, and many Witch-Hunting manuals from the period state the most barbaric things, like, “never look a Witch in the eye” for fear of his or her powers; but, in reality, this was likely a prohibition meant to deter one from having any compassion for the accused who was to be tortured to extract a confession before being burned alive! So, no, to my mind the RCC is merely up-holding its vast legacy of persecuting unpopular minorities for essentially not ascribing to its particular religious doctrines. Incidentally, they had barbaric ways of torturing Gay men during the Inquisition, such as using The pear–it was an ornately carved pear wrought in metal; then it was inserted into the rectum (large end first) and slowly opened up painfully stretching out the walls of the anus and causing immeasurable damage! This was also used to punish women, on occasion, by being inserted into the birth canal!

    Anyone interested in reading about the Inquisition and how Gay men were expressly targeted, I would recommend:


  • Dick Mills

    The reason why the Catholic church is so adamantly queer hostile is in because they are trying to deflect the blame for all of their years of kid fucking, and kid fucker cover-up-ing. They know that they can easily get everyone to hate us by just spreading a few lies about us – and they do it very well. Then it is just a matter of piggy-backing onto that hate the blame for their own criminal activities.

    They molested hundreds?? thousands?? tens of thousands?? of children, and they need someone to blame it on, and we are an easy target.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Men, playing church, are so far removed from the message of Christ that it’s unrecognizable. If the fruits of the Spirit show, mercilessness, fear, torture, greed, oppression, deception, and intolerance, look at the spiritual soil in which their roots are planted. Bitter fruit. Unrecognizable. Organized religion, when lead by spiritually destitute, worldly, ordinary minds yields this kind of fruit. Greed and power (ego) taints every good intention. Just know that humans, responsible for these religious atrocities, will be judged by a stricter standard.

  • Brian NJ

    I say if they want to come after us, LETS PUT THEM IN CHECK. They think they are eating their god’s flesh and drinking his blood. All the sickos go up for communion like little vampire bats going after their treat! SICK. supsupsupsuspsup! Flesh-eating ghouls want to come out of their church and tell my government what to do about me, I say LET’S PROTECT THE CHILDREN FROM THEM! Teaching a poor child that there is a hell is CHILD ABUSE! You won’t get burned by fire, little Billy.

    The have a rotten, twisted psycho for a God, who is a serial killer, and who they think murdered his own son to show us LOVE! How crazy is that! You wouldn’t know love if you saw it, vampire bats.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    During the sixties, my mom got mad at the Pope and pulled all of my siblings out of the Catholic school. I was not yet in school. On Saturday, we would all be raking leaves and doing yard work, having a blast. Mr. and Mrs. “Doctor” and their twin offspring would walk by our house, dressed in their finest church garb, casting judgmental looks our way. We would wave back as though let out of prison. The happiness on our faces were testaments that we were being spiritually fed, despite clipping this twisted institution from our lives. Sometimes home-schooling is appropriate.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Clarification: we went to public schools, but were home schooled in spiritual matters.

  • Alfonzo

    Hi Brian in NJ.
    Not all Christians. My family is Christian non-denominationlist and we DO NOT believe that the bread and wine become Christs body. Be careful when making blanket assessment or you risk coming off just as ignorant as the ones you’re talking about.
    We do however believe it is symbolic.

  • B

    No. 6 · 1EqualityUSA :”On Saturday, we would all be raking leaves and doing yard work, having a blast. Mr. and Mrs. “Doctor” and their twin offspring would walk by our house, dressed in their finest church garb…”

    Did you mistype and mean “Sunday”? If your neighbors were dressed in their finest church garb on Saturday, they must have been real fashion freaks!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I remember Church happening on Saturday. They still do now. Weird. Wednesdays too. Whatever. I don’t go to any of their bogus services.

  • Lukas P.

    Catholics have the option of attending Mass on Saturday instead of Sunday, and it still “counts.” [I dated a devout RC for a few years]. Not sure when that practice was first allowed, but…..

    The Catholic church’s handling of the whole sex-abuse scandal caused several Catholics I know to switch religions or leave religion altogethet. The effects of that abuse caused wounds that will take generations to heal, if ever.

    Meanwhile the Dignity people continue to support a religion that considers them morally and constitutionally “disordered.” Makes zero sense to me.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    I like some of the authors that have emerged from their brood, but the 10 minute homily is too little information. What a snore. I once went to a funeral for one of my patients. She was a Baptist. I couldn’t believe how much information was packed into that session. The spirit of that room was palpable. The Catholic leaders likely prefer their flocks not to know much, so that they are more easily lead.

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