If These Shrinks Are to Be Believed, You’ll Never Be Able to Change Your Sexuality

The American Psychological Association, which has fought for decades against defining homosexuality as a “disorder,” now concludes there’s no way to change your sexuality, either. A 138-report that incorporates reviews of other studies includes guidelines for psychologists not to council patients that “reparative” therapy can work. On its face, it’s a stinging blow to folks like Alan Chambers and his Exodus International group, though we’ll see how critics — like those who pounced on new APA statements concluding there is no “gay gene” — will spin this.

But the real bad news is for heterosexuals who one day dreamed of being able to turn gay. Right?

Which brings us to this: Nineteen-year-old Patrick McAlvey who tried ditching his gayness with the “help” of Mike Jones, the director of Corduroy Stone, an affiliate of Exodus International. Jones engages in “holding therapy,” which is about the most homoerotic version of counseling we’ve ever heard of. (Not to mention Jones’ interest in McAlvey’s penis and pubic hair.)