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If This Was a Lady Gaga Concert, Your Support of DADT’s Repeal Would Be Strictly Prohibited

Lady Gaga draws an explicit distinction between public demonstrations and her concerts. For example at public demonstrations, where she might be headlining a rally to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, she’ll want the entire crowd to be unwavering in their support for such causes. But at her concerts, “political banners” will absolutely not be permitted. Or laser pointers, because those things are distracting. From The Gaga’s aura.

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  • NovaNardis

    Honest to God, what is Queerty’s obsession with trying to tarnish Gaga?

  • Yellow Bone

    The writers of Queerty are paid by John McCain.

  • OneOhOne

    This is bullshit. The banners may or may not be banned, but Gaga’s support is unwavering. I was at Gaga’s concert in Charlotte this past saturday and she repeatedly urged us to support DADT’s repeal and she was so supportive of all the gays in the audience. I know i’m not doing the concert justice, but the bottom line is Queerty is spreading crap.

    Damn, You never could write a decent article, but at least I thought I could believe what I read. Without even that fundamental aspect of journalism, there is no reason for you to exist, Queerty.

    I’m done with this site.

  • BusyBoudoir

    You think a giant goddamn banner might be a bit RUDE to put up in front of someone who paid their hard earned cash to watch Lady Gaga?

    Seriously, has JD ever BEEN to a concert? How about the next time he goes to see Lady Gaga, we get a PETA activist to sneak in a banner protesting her meat dress and stick the activist in front of him.

  • Jesus

    Dude, quit being a dick.

  • Victor

    JD, I imagine you sitting at your desk all night manically plotting ways in which to criticize this woman for doing nothing but supporting the gay community.

    Bottom line is that she does so much more for gays than your blog ever has, does, or will.


  • Teddy

    Yeah I’m taking Queerty off my Google Reader feed. I’m not even the biggest Gaga fan but she’s a supporter of the LGBT community and for some reason all you guys do is tear her down.

  • Jon

    I agree. Lady Gaga has been tireless in her efforts to support civil rights, from speaking out against SB 1030 in Arizona, to headlining LGBT rights rallies, to specifically addressing certain senators who support DADT. She does get political in her concerts, and often speaks out against injustices, and I understand why she would prohibit banners from her concert. (She also likes to say her concert is a way to unite people, and politics usually divide people.)
    I think I have to find another new gay news blog… there’s no point reading one that continuously bashes one of the most outspoken leaders of the contemporary LGBT rights movement.

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