If Uganda’s Gays Kept Their Disgusting Lifestyle ‘Behind Closed Doors,’ The Law Wouldn’t Be Necessary


We’ve been reading the anonymously-penned blog Gay Uganda (written, duh, by a gay Ugandan) for several weeks now, because it’s a fantastic first-person account of how the nation’s Kill The Gays bill will affect actual human beings. But the author isn’t just standing idly by as his lawmakers decide whether he should be eligible for a life sentence; like many Americans, he decided to write his legislators. And the response was brutal.

“This bill means the difference between life and death for me,” Gay Uganda writes. “No frills. No political correctness. No fake ideals, or anything like that. And, I must admit to myself that, the gloves have to be off. I have to say it like it is, and show the world what we are up against.”


So concerned about what the future holds, he sent stories about the bill — mostly in the Western media — to a number of lawmakers, demanding to know how they could support such a grotesque piece of legislation. And here’s how Rt. Honourable Benson Obua Ogwal, representing Moroto, responded:

Dear Anonymous Gay,

And you think this will deter us?

There are a very few aspects of the Bill that we can concede on like the Death Penalty and Extra-territorail Jurisdiction, but Gays won’t have a field day in this country, try as the would. It is not about any of those Anti-Gya activists being attacked in the media. It is about Uganda. If only Gays could do it behind closed doors and not try to lure the innocent poor youth, it would be a different matter. But they are becoming bolder and bolder.


That was just the beginning of a lengthy email exchange (read it all here), which also included this response from Benson:

It is not me who calls gays perverts. It is the Bible, and I believe in theBible. Gays and lesbians are perverts. And I cannot call you “Gay Uganda” because Uganda is not gay. What is your real name?

The religious groups in Uganda who met at Entebbe under the eigis of Inter Religious Council of Uganda and endorsed the Bill were represented at the top most levels in person: Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, The Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church, The Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Kampala who is head of the Catholics in Uganda, The Mufti who head moslems of Uganda, The head of the Seventh Day Adventists and the President of the Born Again Federation of Uganda.

Think about it.


You know, just in case there was any doubt that, like here in America, Uganda’s gay hatred is based in misguided Bible teachings.