If Walmart Bullies Its Way Into NYC, Gay Employees Will Still Be Screwed Over (But Not Fireable)

Walmart has already convinced South African regulators its $4 billion purchase of a majority stake in the domestic retailer Massmart. But the world’s largest chain has yet to sway New York City officials — and now the press release factory known as the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is joining the fight to keep it that way. Letting Walmart enter the NYC market will mean “the expansion of antiquated employment policies that provide little to no protections for, and at times even hostility toward, their L.G.B.T. employees,” the group argues. (Costco and Walgreens, which already have set up shop in the area, are better for gays, says NGLTF.) How does the company respond to anti-gay claims? By pointing to its Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Associate Resource Group, “where employees can build a sense of community.” No, the resource group is where they figure out how to pay the healthcare benefits for their same-sex partners (which Walmart won’t pay) and how not to get fired for being gay (which Walmart doesn’t guarantee). Luckily, the city’s own Human Rights Law bars such discrimination. [image via]

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  • ALEX

    As one of the four gay men who started the GLBT resource group at Walmart, I can tell you that you are correct about the partner benefits: Walmart will not offer them except where required by la, and shame on them for this glaring ommission.

    Your final statement about Walmart is incorrect: the Company’s EEOC statement specifically includes ‘sexual orientation’ along with race, gender, veteran status, etc. As I have posted on other blogs, I flamed up and down the halls of the Corporate HQ for over a decade and received promotions and great job evaluations.

    There are a lot of ways Walmart can improve with both the LGBT employees and the LGBT customers, so it isn’t necessary to further stir the pot by simply printing easily exposed lies about their practices.

  • Jeff K.

    @Lyndon Evans: Not exactly an impartial piece. I wonder how much Wal-Mart paid him for writing it.

  • Lyndon Evans

    @Jeff K.:

    Walmart didn’t pay me you silly twit.

    As per usual some folks don’t like to hear or read the truth after the “Holy Demi-Gods” of LGBTdom have spoken and it is contrary to what they expound.

    What would you have called impartial …. if I had agreed with the misinformation that is being touted about in regards to Walmart ?

  • Jeff K.

    @Lyndon Evans: If you hadn’t been an employee at the time of writing the article.

  • Lyndon Evans

    @Jeff K.:

    And that makes it all the more important to have written the posting, to have it from someone on the frontlines as opposed to those who think they know how things are from looking through the front doors.

    I’m sure no matter what I would say would convince you or others who are hellbent on throwing Walmart and any other number of companies under the bus without knowing all the facts.

    And so it goes ….

  • MonicaR

    but trans ones will be thanks to GENDA not passing

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