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If We Out D.C.’s Gay Catholic Priests, Will the Church Stop Railing Against Marriage?

Don Wuerl

As the Catholic thought police tried — and, miserably, failed — to prove same-sex marriage in the nation’s capital would somehow make their religious teachings a hate crime, one smart alec has gone and created a website that’s one part WhoSigned.org, and 10 parts Blog Active. That is: A public registry of any Catholic priest belonging to the Archdiocese of Washington who is a big homo. Or, involved in a seedy hetero affair when he should be celibate.

ChurchOuting.org and its creator Phil Attey (an HRC veteran) is calling for crowd sourced knowledge of any D.C.-area Catholic clergy who might be violating their promises to Jesus. “This site is dedicated to every Catholic family who has lost a loved one to suicide or disassociation, needlessly caused by the spiritual pain inflicted by the church hierarchy’s relentless attacks on LGBT people,” the website writes. “Secondly, this site is dedicated to every Catholic of faith who is willing to stand up to the Vatican and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on this important issue. Know that your courage and conviction will be rewarded in Heaven.”

Except, uh, the site doesn’t want to out priests?: “This is a campaign to collect information about closeted gay Catholic priests, as well as heterosexual Catholic priests who secretly engage in romantic or sexual affairs, yet are unwilling to speak out against the church leadership’s antigay political campaigns. Once a story is verified, we will be contacting the priests involved to help them make the right choices. It is our hope that NO Catholic Priest is outed because of this campaign, rather that we can use knowledge of the truth of their lives to combat the hypocrisy of their silence.”

What’s the fun in that? There is none! Sure, we get the noble mission: Find the gay priests and then engage in dialogue with them. But no single (gay) priest is going to convince the Archdiocese’s leadership, including topper Don Wuerl (pictured) — who is threatening to abandon the Church’s social services program if marriage equality legislation passes — to give up on its anti-gay crusade just because a website has the name of an allegedly gay priest.

But sure, cover your bases: Offer to keep their sexuality a secret if they cooperate. Sexuality blackmail!

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  • Scott

    Fantastic! I hope this gets some traction. It should go national and not be limited to just here in DC. The Mormons are next.

  • madest

    It’s so great that all the church’s teachings go out the window when it comes to gays. It’s irony at it’s most righteous. Here is a tax exempt organization who’s leaders haven’t come clean with their pedophilia scandal, urging the district to deny rights to gay people so they can justify their hatred. So much for “treat they neighbor…” and “All men are created equal…” BS. The phrases they drilled into our heads over the years mean nothing when it comes to their flavor of hate.

  • Josh

    Out them.

  • GeoffM

    I’m sure there will be outraged closet advocates…but this is a very very VERY GOOD STRATEGY!

  • Cinci Chris

    Damn, wish I knew some I could out.

  • InExile

    Out them and TAX them!

  • shayne

    Go get’em Tiger!

  • XY

    totally do it if they’re hypocrites and hurting people. I figure this should a case-by-case basis.

  • CPT_Doom

    It would be far more effective to “out” the adulterers, fornicators, heretics and blasphemers who are either a)currently employed by the Catholic Church, Catholic Charities or any Catholic Institutions or b) have been aided by those institutions. Adulterers, of course, are those who are divorced and remarried; fornicators are those who have not been married in a legitimate religious ceremony – think Mormons and those married by JPs or judges; heretics are any non-Catholics and blashpemers are those who worship using the KJV. All of these lifestyle choices are equally immoral to homosexuality, yet the Church has no problem following secular law when it comes to these sinners.

  • jaysays

    For some reason, I feel like we are making a McCarthy era list. What the hell is wrong with us when we are using sexual orientation as a weapon – or as your write, “Sexuality Blackmail”?

    IF we out people like this, we are damaging them. Granted, they have damaged us – but why the eye for an eye battle? I, for one, do not want to be known as a destroyer of lives – regardless of the reason for destroying them.

    My opinion on this has always been the unpopular one, but I just don’t understand how we can be so heartless towards others simply because they’ve been so heartless toward us. There is value in all life.

    Remember the movie Outraged? What did it accomplish but harming those outed and giving us a feeling of sweet vengeance? How is this different? Approach the priest with the evidence and blackmail him and we’ll have more gay suicides to report.

  • James Caroll

    Is there such a website for California priests too? I was courted by a man who started a relationship with me pretending that he was married to a woman so he had to be discreet and then once our affair started getting real hot he broke down and stated that he was the priest of the Catholic Church in Moraga, California. He abandoned me that day and threatened me if i said anything. Enough… his name if father Wayne Campbell….. stop the abuse Wayne and come out!

    James C.

  • Matt Williamson


    I was too the victim of the predatory flirting of Wayne Campbell. He first approached me in the steam room at the gym and then we started dating for a few weeks. Same story, claimed he was married and was helping me with my coming out issues and claiming he was dealing with the same thing and was wanting to leave his wife and start a life with me. He even gave me a different name. I found out when a friend of mine recommended i read a story online about the local church and what they were doing for helping students go to college and deal with their spirituality and there he is! A picture of my “married to a woman… dealing with his coming out” son of a bitch guy. I confronted him the next day and he was scared i would out him…. well here it is Wayne Campbell of Moraga California…COME OUT! I wonder how many other men have fallen victims to his scheme.

  • Bill

    I thought being ‘the gay’ was a prerequisite for ordination in the Catholic church.

    Oh, no. Sorry. I was thinking of ‘pedophiles,’ not gays.

    Sorry, Jesus.

  • Tom C

    This is laughable. Everyone knows which priests are and aren’t gay. Like the author himself, it’s a flaccid threat.

    Writing for Queerty is like winning the Special Olympics. Even though you get published, you’re still retarded.

  • Matt Williamson


    Yep, that is him! I bet there are a lot of us guys out there that fell for his lies and manipulation about helping us come out and claiming to emotionally support us while using us for sexual gratifications! Enough! I am damaged and working on healing over this whole deal with this guy!

  • JJ

    That’s terrible that someone could hurt you guys like that! It’s like denying love for the 2nd time. Everyone has a right to try to love without being abandoned, whether by a Church or by someone who’s just using you.

  • JB

    That is tragic! The use of authority to manipulate individuals who are trying to come to terms with their sexuality. Gay priests in the closet need to pay for it!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Insta-NetFlix: “Deliver Us From Evil” a documentary about priests being shuffled from one diocese to another in order to keep their molestations secret. Fantastic film. It should be shown in every Catholic grade school. Wayne Campbell’s photo is so creepy. I feel as though I need a shower now. Conflicted, tortured expression. Just like that Pre-gene gal, it comes through on their faces. People like this wear their faces like masks, but it shows. The eyes give them away. Outing every priest from California to Maine is a good idea. They need to be exposed. A diseased eye shuns the light.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Oh, boys, the finger’s out of the dyke….I mean dike. This is really going to cause the fur to fly. Those rollers with tape are good for getting fur off of black wool.

  • Cam

    No. 10 · jaysays said…
    For some reason, I feel like we are making a McCarthy era list. What the hell is wrong with us when we are using sexual orientation as a weapon – or as your write, “Sexuality Blackmail”?

    The ONLY reason that sexual orientation CAN be used in this way is because of bigoted organizations like the church and most of our politicians who continue to make gays second class citizens. If we had equality, then knowledge of somebody’s orientation wouldn’t make a difference. So I have no problem having the hypocriciy of these organizations pointed out. John McCains cheif of staff Mark Buse, during the campaign was gay yet McCain is against any gay rights, the church has a multitude of gay priests yet they attack gays whenever they have a chance, Many of the evangelical preachers, Senators and Congressmen have gay staffers, are fine with working with them, getting the benefits of their work, but still cynically push for anti-gay legislation. So f-them, if we take away the stigma of being gay there won’t be anymore “Outing”.

  • JB

    It would be one thing if they did not preach against homosexuality and then run to the local gay sex clubs or highway rest stops to get their rocks off with other men. I have nothing against priests who are open with their sexuality and open condemning the Church’s teachings against it. Here is something refreshing i came across online http://www.metroactive.com/metro/11.18.09/cover-0946.html
    And yes, 1EqualityUSA, Wayne Campbell’s picture is crepy reflecting the conflict and the pain, yet why is he then trapping other conflicted men into his denial instead of coming out and living a life without lies?

  • Sean

    Yeah, out them and tax them for the pain they caused to innocent victims because they don’t have the guts to come out!

  • Joe Murray - Executive Director Rainbow Sash Movement

    On an emotional level this has been a knee jerk response; however, we cannot throw out the baby with the water when it comes to acting in a principled fashion. Blackmail whether done by the Archdiocese of Washington or an individual website promoting the out of priests is wrong.

    I have struggled with identifying not only the hierarchy that engage in a hypocritical fashion, but also the clergy. Outing people against their will is not the answer. This lacks integrity, and is wrong for whatever reason.

    In order to achieve our rights we should not walk over the rights of others. This is a difficult concept for some to understand, none the less it is one that Rainbow Sash Movement is totally committed to.

  • Judy DelMar

    I do not advocate gay marriages but I do feel that the Catholic Church (per a good priest friend of mine) have forgotten or not bothered to realize that being gay is a cross to bear. When speaking to gay people (I am a retired R.N.) and have asked if they chose this life they have all asked me if I thought they would choose to be a Pariah. It is not their fault and you have lost many good Catholics because of your disdain toward them. Let’s try to rethink this and why would you want to be rid of gay priets as long as they are JUST BEING GOOD PRIESTS!?

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Dear Judy DelMar, I suppose the answer is the same as to why NOM-skull Gallagher would destabilize gay families, stripping benefits from children, “collateral damage”.

    The Catholic Church chose, unwisely, to involve itself in a worldly snare of politics, showing how little faith they have in the Word of God being transformative, so the collateral damage to this faithless brood should be expected. It is not the government’s job to promote one religion over another. Believers are free to spread the word of their Gospels and would do this more effectively outside of politics. More effectively outside of politics because laws are temporal, they come and go.

    Wisdom would have these church leaders relying on the Word to transform hearts, not man-made, politically influenced, unconstitutional laws that stand to be overturned in a matter of years.

    If people were being fed (spiritually speaking) at Church, more people would be interested in Church. These hollow, business-like, religions have lost the ability to properly teach the Word with authority. Mega churches run by buffoons, “fly-away” rapture deceptions, cults, and sects have replaced and tainted the Word of God more effectively than anybody opting for equality under the law.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Pariah? I spray “Pariah-B-gone” on myself every morning, just after deodorant. Speaking for myself, a fellow R.N., I have to say that “pariah” has never entered my mind. I’m an Christian, an artist (painter), a wife to my partner of 14 years, and I write for the pure joy of writing. “Pariah” is 1940’s speak, not 21st century. If it makes you feel better to believe we all view ourselves in this light, do so, but it is inaccurate.

  • Paul Kaye

    Matt Williamson and James Caroll,

    That is very serious what you both say about the priest in Moraga, CA. Were the relationships recent or a while ago (meaning, say, more than a year ago)? It’s a big deal, what you both say.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Dear Paul Kaye, Do you have the authority to help these two gentlemen? Why the time limit “more than a year ago”?

  • Paul Kaye

    No, I don’t have the authority to help the gentlemen, unfortunately. They sound really, really upset, and to say something publicly like this is serious, especially for the priest in question.

    I just know the priest, and not very well and not for very long, and I’m disappointed he would lie to someone like this. Not that he would have an affair, but that he would lie to the person. (I would not expect him to tell the parishioners, but I would expect him to have more discretion and to be honest with the person he’s seeing.)

    And the thought of him threatening (but the writers didn’t say what the nature of the threats were) is even more disappointing. I do not know if this priest has taken a public stand on homosexuality or has been just quietly supportive of gays. I would hope the latter.

    I think there are probably many gay priests doing really good work behind the scenes and quietly helping those in need.

    I guess the time frame doesn’t matter, really.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    It’s a painful situation all around, on both sides. It has to work itself out. Right now I’m babysitting my neighbor’s kitten. My two Girlie-Q’s and my elder cat are not sure what to make of this kitten’s constant hissing. I should rename her, “NOM” for this week, as she is being so unreasonable and unpleasant to this community of love-bugs.

  • Paul Kaye

    I am babysitting my neighbor’s kitten, too! And my old kitty is on my lap as I type, desperately trying to get attention and not get chased and bitten and hissed at by said kitten.

    It IS a painful situation all around. I am debating whether I should give the priest a heads up, as was suggested in an earlier postby someone, that this is out there. Or just say nothing, because it’s none of my business, and I do not know him well. I don’t know if the gentlemen above used their real names, but the priest’s name is real.

  • Matt

    It was a recent (less than a year ago)! I understand from Wayne that I was not the first one who fell in love with him under a false pretense. (And seeing James post on here helped me come out publicly about Wayne) During the confrontation he admitted to a 10+ year relationship with another man which ended like over 3 years ago. Apparently the guy hates him for what Wayne put him through and he was afraid i would hate him too. Hell yeah… you lie to me and manipulate me into believing that i have found love and then you treat me like dirt… it is hard not to hate. But i am dealing with it better now. I am just sad that he keeps on doing the same thing to other guys and not work on himself and get the guts to come out and be. The threat were that he would take me down with him if i outed him and out me to my family and co-workers. I am now out to my family and at work at a homebuilding company in San Leandro! So i am not afraid to tell the truth anymore if it helps someone else that is great!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Collateral damage, if any good eggs get hurt. This priest sounds really screwed up. A fake life will hurt everyone in its periphery. NOM and anti-gay organizations are detrimental to people who want to and should be out of the closet. Gay bashing has gone up and the blood is on their conscience, not that they care. Sorry your elder kitty is under duress.

  • Paul Kaye

    Dear Matt,
    That is so, so sad. No wonder you are angry. Threatening to out someone is many things, including awful. Glad you are out to your family. Isn’t it a relief?

    If there is a pattern here with him, that is disturbing. The disturbing part is the lying, leading someone on, and being false. A 10+year relationship is significant. That person must have known he was a priest. Or maybe not. And I wonder why he confessed that to you. The other thing is why he doesn’t end relationships on a positive and friendly note.

    This pattern is setting himself up for someone getting really angry and vengeful and taking it to the bishop or to his parish. And then what? He is doing some good things at his church, and he has pissed off the old, gossiping biddies, which is great. I would hate to see that end.

    Would you have had a relationship with him if he had been honest and said he was a priest and could not have an open relationship with you?

    Have you been to any of his masses?

    He sounds tortured, and is torturing innocent others. Collateral damage, indeed, 1EqualityUSA.

    I cannot decide if I should give him a heads up. He can always look himself up. Or maybe someone else has. I would not want to be a shot messenger. I do not know him well enough. And it may not be my place to say, “Look, this is what’s out there, and maybe you need to deal with some things in a better way.”

  • Matt


    James and I have connected and it is the same basic story. It would be interesting to look for the guy that apparently had that 10 year + relationship with him. He too might want to talk and find relief in knowing that he is not alone or the only one that was treated that way and we can support each other through the anger and the grief!If you are out there reading this, join James and I! It helps to talk to someone who has experienced the same thing!

  • George

    I have been reading all the postings on here and i happen to know who the 10+year relationship is. I am a parishioner at the church in San Leandro and i remember a guy who used to hang around the priest all the time and then ended up being the cantor for the church and i always suspected there was something going on there. He even joined father on church sanctioned cruises and holidays. How awful to live a lie and hide! They both seemed tortured as i recall some of my interactions with both! Sad, real sad!

  • Paul Kaye

    Hi George and thank you for adding to the story.

    And Matt, yes, talking with people who have experienced the same things IS comforting. And it helps you feel less crazy as it offers a perspective, similar and different, that allows some moving on and healing.

    My beloved of 17 years just died of cancer, and the cancer support group was instrumental. But that is a much, much more open subject than dealing with the pain of a relationship with a tortured, closeted gay priest. There is no secrecy with cancer, and it’s a different kind of torture.

    I wonder why the relationship ended. Ten years is a long time in any relationship.

    I also wonder if that is the reason he went to Moraga. He seems to really miss the San Leandro parish. People have given him a hard time in Moraga, and it’s not clear to me why. But this is a new revelation because of the DC discussion and this site.

    Maybe he is trying to get caught, because pissing people off when you are a priest, and have a lot at stake in a public life, is telling.

    I think I will not say anything. He is a Scorpio, and I have not liked being on the stinging end of Scorpios in the past.

    I wonder if one can be a gay priest, quiet about it, and not be tortured, but comfortable? I have not given it much thought before, honestly. Thank you for sharing, Matt, James, and George and 1EqualityUSA. This discussion has helped me, too, and I’m not involved.

    George, is the boyfriend still at the San Leandro parish?

  • George


    You seem to be pretty close to father wayne given that you know his astrological sign. :-)
    It appears that the guy who was with him at San Leandro left way before the transfer or at least I have not seen him since then. I think he moved back to Sacramento where he was from. We have had a new cantor for a while now. Not as good as the one we are talking about here!
    He was a good priest here and I know many people miss him much! He never preached against condemnation of homosexuality though so there might be a huge internal conflict he is and has been battling if he is indeed gay.

  • Paul Kaye

    Hi George, No I am not close with him. It was just his birthday about a week ago, that’s how I know the sign. He is very talkative and appears very open, always with stories from his personal life. That’s why I find going to his mass engaging. Though, from this site, an excellent site, maybe he is not open about everything. I have just been admiring from the pews what he says during mass. I am not even catholic, but my beloved was, so I go now, sometimes.

    I feel for Matt and James. And for the priest, too. To lash out at a lover like that, and confess his professional life, too, in the midst of breaking up, well . . . he sounds tortured, too. And scared. But he is in a position of power and authority. You (anyone) cannot have dishonest relationships with people and just lead them down a dead-end. He knows no one can expect from him the kind of open commitment non clergy can give.
    Sad all the way around.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Paul Kaye, It sounds as though this priest is trying to recreate the 12 Apostles. Matt…James…, Peter? John? Hmm

  • Hammar

    Do not out the attractive priests. Be wicked. Fuck ‘m!

  • Donna C.

    To all,

    I have been reading theses posts and I know both the Moraga priest and his ex. Wow, I wondered how long it would take for this to come out in public. Not a good healthy relationship I can say for sure as I witnessed them fighting a lot. Plus the ex wanted more and the priest would not commit to a more intimate relationship. I think it destroyed the ex as he left in quite a hurry after over 10 years. the priest is known to be controlling and abusive not only to the men he befriends but to his staff as well!

  • Paul Kaye

    They fought in front of parishioners?

  • George

    @Matt Williamson:

    I too have had the same experiences and would like to chat with you. George.

  • Parker

    @Matt Williamson: I have had the same experience as you have written here. Care to talk?

  • kona

    If Matt Williamson, James Caroll, or Paul Kaye (as well as George and Parker) are still accessing this blog, I am very interested in discussing Fr. Campbell w/you in greater detail. Please let me know if you are willing to do this.


    Dayum! Padre got gang banged on Q!

    Good. If the Catholic Church would stay out of my life I would feel bad for this guy, but, they don’t and I don’t.

    Out then Tax.

  • beachpad08

    @kona: Not sure how to respond with email without being public. Parker

  • kona

    @beachpad08: Hi … let’s try this … email me back at: [email protected]

    When you get back to me, I will fill you in on what I’m trying to accomplish here.

    Thanx, Parker.

  • Friend in SL

    It’s time this all stops regarding Fr. Wayne. Let me set you all straight….I happen to personally be friends with and have been for many years with both Fr. Wayne and the person that you all are insinuating he had a 10+ year relationship with. I spent alot of time with both of them….their’s was a very good friendship that had NOTHING to do with Fr. Wayne going to Moraga. I think you’re pathetic and obviously have an agenda to try to destroy a very GOOD priest. None of you apparently know anything about him. You all really need to do some serious soul searching and get a life. This is hateful and mean. If you’re angry at the church don’t take it out on innocent people who do a lot of good in the community. Find another way to take out your frustrations, or maybe seek out a good therapist. Just remember ….. KARMA!!!

  • Roy Harris

    @Matt Williamson:

    Wayne Campbell spent 6 months in a treatment center run by the Servants of the Paraclete in New Mexico in 1993 for supposed emotional issues but now we know why he was sent here. The entire time he was there he was a emotional wreck. He was also buddies with the infamous Father Rudy Koss who was sentenced to prison for abusing hundreds of underaged boys in Dallas Texas which led to the now famous “Dallas Charter” to protect children from sexual abuse. You men need to report Wayne Campbell to his bishop for repeated abuse of adults.

  • Bill

    I’ve gone to Mass my entire life every week, and homosexuality hasn’t been mentioned more than a couple of times. Yes, the Church stands for traditional marriage, but I don’t quite see the agenda that the blog commenters here write about at the parish or local level, where the vast majority of us experience the church.

  • Roy Harris

    Father Wayne Campbell still refuses to admit that he did spend 1992-1993 at the Servants of the Paraclete Center in Jemez Spring, New Mexico for depression, acting out, or whatever other issues he has. When contacted by former group members and classmates, he sent a vicious reply which included an article he penned about “Why People Hurt Each Other?” instead of responding to other members of his “group” personally. He has consistently denied the bond of friendship he created with other group members there including that with Father Rudy Kos who is now in prison in Texas who has been desperate to contact him. Father Kos and Wayne used to go on long weekend trips together, go for long walks and have long chats. Rudy is desperate to contact Father Wayne. But Father Wayne refuses to acknowledge that he ever even knew Rudy or anyone else from Jemez Springs.

    These men who claim that they were “tricked” by Wayne are telling the TRUTH. It is all part of a pattern of deceit that Wayne has used for a long time. He is a master manipulator and will appear to befriend and take you into your confidence if it is to his own advantage. But WATCH OUT, the minute you cross him, or step into a danger zone, he will sling you across the room like a ‘battered spouse’ and make ‘you the victim.’ It is a classic self-centered personality.

  • Anne

    I just wanted to add to the discussion about Father Wayne from St. Monica’s Parish in Moraga. We stopped attending mass altogether due to his unkind behavior. We have a child with developmental disabilities and he repremanded her for not taking communion correctly (she dipped the host in the wine, which she didn’t know was not proper form, and she didn’t eat the entire host in front of him). He gave her a scathing look and shook his head furiously. My daughter sat down and cried in my shoulder and I told her it was okay and he wasn’t angry at her. He then proceded to get up and publicly admonished her in front of the entire parish for dipping the host and not swallowing it in front of him. My daughter knew of course he was talking about her in this packed room. We stayed for the rest of the sermon, but my daughter looked stricken and cried when we got home. I told her we would never go back, and we haven’t.
    Since then I have spoken to neighbors who have told similar stories of his unkind and unwelcoming actions. I have no problem at all with a gay priest, as long as he treats others with the respect they deserve.

  • Roy Harris

    I am so sorry for your pain. But this is so typical of the Wayne Campbell that many people have fallen prey to.
    He is a out of control bi-polar maniac and it is unfortunate that many people who are not in his clique have fallen
    prey to. If you get on his wrong side, watch out. Just read the posts of the men above. It is sad that his Bishops have
    not seen this before and done something about it.

  • Ourladyoftruth

    Looks like another “innocent” man has fallen for him! He takes Mario quarterly on cruises around the world and showers him with gifts inappropriate for just “friends”….. Wayne does love his “cantors” doesn’t he? But again, perhaps this is real and they are happy! http://www.oakdiocese.org/vocations/sems/copy2_of_JohnCarillo

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