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If We Out D.C.’s Gay Catholic Priests, Will the Church Stop Railing Against Marriage?

Don Wuerl

As the Catholic thought police tried — and, miserably, failed — to prove same-sex marriage in the nation’s capital would somehow make their religious teachings a hate crime, one smart alec has gone and created a website that’s one part WhoSigned.org, and 10 parts Blog Active. That is: A public registry of any Catholic priest belonging to the Archdiocese of Washington who is a big homo. Or, involved in a seedy hetero affair when he should be celibate.

ChurchOuting.org and its creator Phil Attey (an HRC veteran) is calling for crowd sourced knowledge of any D.C.-area Catholic clergy who might be violating their promises to Jesus. “This site is dedicated to every Catholic family who has lost a loved one to suicide or disassociation, needlessly caused by the spiritual pain inflicted by the church hierarchy’s relentless attacks on LGBT people,” the website writes. “Secondly, this site is dedicated to every Catholic of faith who is willing to stand up to the Vatican and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on this important issue. Know that your courage and conviction will be rewarded in Heaven.”

Except, uh, the site doesn’t want to out priests?: “This is a campaign to collect information about closeted gay Catholic priests, as well as heterosexual Catholic priests who secretly engage in romantic or sexual affairs, yet are unwilling to speak out against the church leadership’s antigay political campaigns. Once a story is verified, we will be contacting the priests involved to help them make the right choices. It is our hope that NO Catholic Priest is outed because of this campaign, rather that we can use knowledge of the truth of their lives to combat the hypocrisy of their silence.”

What’s the fun in that? There is none! Sure, we get the noble mission: Find the gay priests and then engage in dialogue with them. But no single (gay) priest is going to convince the Archdiocese’s leadership, including topper Don Wuerl (pictured) — who is threatening to abandon the Church’s social services program if marriage equality legislation passes — to give up on its anti-gay crusade just because a website has the name of an allegedly gay priest.

But sure, cover your bases: Offer to keep their sexuality a secret if they cooperate. Sexuality blackmail!