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If You Wear a Condom, Not Telling Your Sex Partners You’re Poz Is a Lesser Offense

Clato Mabior, a Sudanese-born HIV-positive man living in Canada, will see his 14-year prison sentence reduced, but not eliminated, for allegedly placing at risk some six women he had sex with but did not disclose his status to. An appeals judge overturned part of a lower court’s decision, which claimed he put these women at “significant risk”; by wearing a condom and taking antiretroviral drugs, that argument is mostly moot, the judge ruled. His 14-year sentence will be reduced, but he still faces deportation upon completion. The ruling follows a May not guilty verdict against a HIV-positive man who had unprotected sex with his boyfriend. But let’s not forget the additional crime: Mabior allegedly sexually assaulted a minor and held her against her will.