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If White Gay Leaders Exclude Blacks From Their Plans, Should They Expect Their Support?


We’ve identified the white gay personalities behind California’s same-sex marriage push. We’ve passed along the message of black gays feeling excluded from the struggle for equality. And now Blacklight publisher Sidney Brinkley, who’s written much about the intersection of race and sexuality (and is no stranger to controversy), has a word for the white-centric movement — whatever that is, but which Brinkley includes folks like Robin McGhee, Cleve Jones, and Geoff Kors. Writes Brinkley:

While the White Gay movement embraces Martin Luther King, I turn towards another hero of that era: Malcolm X. I’m talking Malcolm the firebrand who spoke the brutal truth to, and about, White power. There’s a group of White Gay men and Lesbians sitting atop the Gay movement—in San Francisco, Washington, New York and L.A.—all cut from the same cloth and of like-mind.

Geoff KorsThey include Geoff Kors, executive director of EQCA; Lorri Jean, CEO of the L.A. LGBT Center; Joe Solomanese, executive director of HRC; to name three, who need to be placed on notice.The message is simple: I’m not here to serve the White agenda. The next time White Gays come forward with a plan, any plan, to do anything, I’m asking, “How many Blacks were in the room when these plans were made?”

I don’t mean who was the first Black crony they informed “after” the White people met. I mean how many Black Lesbians and/or Gay men were in the room—or on the conference call—when they made the plans?

If the final answer is “none,” then those same White Lesbians and Gay men should be prepared to execute that plan without Blacks as well. That means no money, no votes and no Black Gays to parade before the cameras to give the patently false impression that this is an inclusive movement.

No more: “This is the agenda. Follow it.”
No more: “We’re having a march. Show up.”