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If You’re a Fantastic Pro-Family Republican, Does One or Two Same-Sex Encounters Really Make You Gay?


Oh, how we wish we came up with that headline! But it doesn’t belong to us; it’s the creation of ChristWire, which hones in on South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, the just-outed anti-gay homo who wants to take over for cheat-y anti-gay Gov. Mark Sanford if (when?) he resigns.

And if ChristWire‘s headline isn’t good enough, watch as they tackle the issue of Bauer’s sexuality (and vehemently defend him), because it’s filled with homoerotic language. Well done!

Bauer not gay

That’s where flamboyant blogger with bulge of bias Mike Rogers toe taps in. He lubed his way into the national consciousness by bringing down idyllic Senator Larry Craig and wise-as-a-whip Representative Mark Foley. This week he has accused 40-year old Lt. Governor André Bauer of secret homosexual tendencies. But Bauer has an absolutely fabulous record defending the rights of families and Christianity. He has loudly opposed Homosexual Marriage, Homosexual Sodomy and Homosexual Adoption. He has profoundly defined marriage as between straights only. Not only that, but he has pushed for the words, “I BELIEVE” and the Christian Cross on South Carolina license plates, fought tax hikes and supported free-market capitalism at every turn.

So this all begs the question, does the accusation of one or two wrong-headed and furtive man-on-man encounters actually make you gay? Couldn’t it be a mistake? If you have a great record fighting against the gays, doesn’t it cross out a few moments humping a younger man against the wall of some hotel room? This debate is far from settled, but it is an important one for the conservative party today.

Of course “having sex with other men” doesn’t make you gay. As everyone knows, God does.