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If You Can Afford Your Nightlife Habit, Cleve Jones Demands To See You in D.C.


If you can go out four nights a week and pay for $7 Amstels and $12 Bombay martinis, you can surely afford to get your ass to Washington D.C. next month. Or so goes the reasoning of Cleve Jones, who’s had enough of this “we’re too poor to make to the National Equality March” crap.

Recession, schmecession, Jones says. “Even during this recession, I go out, and everywhere I go, I see the clubs are filled with people,” he told an audience at the NYC LGBT Center this week. “Thousands and thousands of people every night, drinking high-priced drinks, spending money on their clothes. We can do this.”

And so the thinking goes.

But NEM organizers still don’t have any idea how many of you will continue using the “no cash” excuse, and how many will actually show up. Jones refused to even guess (though he noted the portable toilets they ordered have a capacity for 100,000 people), and on a media conference call yesterday, co-organizers Kip Williams and Robin McGehee opted not to guess, either. (“No idea,” says McGehee.)

Also among the things they have no idea about? What NEM’s parent organization, Equality Across America, will look like after the Oct. 11 weekend. Questions about what EAA will be after the march “just haven’t been answered yet,” says Williams. But he promised it would evolve into a democratic (read: grassrootsy!) organization focused on aiding local activists across the country. That sound you hear is HRC, rolling its eyes.

(Photo: bkusler)

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