If You Like Crank, Then You’ll Love FCK H8’s “5 Reasons People Choose 2 B Gay” Video

We like the FCK H8 campaign’s willingness to cuss out out anti-gay foes for their nonstop lies and distortions, even if their videos feature non-stop shouting and enough jump cuts to cause an epileptic seizure. This time around, they’ve enlisted Drag Race winner Raja to slap down the eff-tarded claim that people choose to be gay. And yes, there’s also the requisite buff boy in briefs and a little girl flicking you off… because it just wouldn’t be edgy youth marketing without ’em.

And oh yeah, if you like this video on Facebook or share it on Twitter, they’ll donate 10 cents (up to $10,000) to queer youth programs. And if the shameless marketing pisses you off, just know that they intend of paying up whether 10,000 people share their video or not.

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  • Damon

    It’s always so painful when adults try to appeal to teenagers because they ALWAYS get it wrong.

  • till the world ends

    I thought it was a great message! I loved it!

  • peter long

    @damon has it right it pissed me off then made me laugh at the pure insanity of it.

  • Pocket Otter

    But should they really have used a little kid?

  • till the world ends

    and Raja looked great! I just watched it again. It’s overly campy but a fun way to deal with all the stereotypes! brilliantly done.

  • Derick

    Yes, what’s wrong with kids delivering a message of justice? Shoulds kids be shielded by the injustices against the GLBT community?

  • j

    The blonde one’s so hot.

  • Desdemona


  • JayKay

    Obnoxious, grating, infantile.

    And sticking children in there? Dey so khlazzy.

  • Mav

    “Everybody loves a FUCKIN’ QUEER.”

    ^ I totally laughed out loud.

    I like that this video makes homophobes and bigots look ignorant (rightfully) without even having to directly call them out.

  • LukeM

    I couldn’t watch the whole thing.

  • Mike

    So they fight stereotypes by re-enforcing stereotypes? Makes sense.

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