If You Tell Tyler Oakley To Pray His Gay Away, He Will Shank A Ho

Amid all the recent Bachmann-related stories about religious ex-gay therapy, YouTube vlogger Tyler Oakley mentioned that he sometimes gets commenters encouraging him to ask God to take away his homosexuality so he can go to heaven. He’s happy these people don’t tell him these things in person because if they did, he’d have to cut a bitch and shank a ho. Oakley says, “To me personally, asking God through prayer to take my gay away is literally asking the impossible from the pretend.”

And if that doesn’t get you to fall in love with Mr. Oakley, perhaps this video of him being a “bad bitch” (like Nicki Minaj) will.

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  • Maddie

    Hes celebs??? I think he good man

  • Ian

    He’s cute and makes his point well.

  • Alicia Brown

    I’ve been following him for years and I can honestly say there hasn’t been one time I’ve disagreed with him. He’s pretty much the shit, to be honest!

  • ReallyRick

    I have watched Tyler Oakley for YEARS and he is such a positive gay role model for LGBT youth!

  • T. Toosure

    I liked him when he started out, but he totally sold off his personality for the sake of popularity. He’s become a caricature and gains subscriptions by pandering to those in love with the gay stereotype.

  • E.M.M.

    I think it’s natural to go over the top once you’ve been on any screen a while. Look at Paula Deen. She did the same thing, becoming the Southern Stereotype she never was.

    He may have some qualities that seem stereotypical, but he’s in a stable relationship, and doesn’t seem to be a man whore, which is the most damaging behavioral expectation. I may act like him, but I do like him.

  • Riker

    Is Queerty looking for a replacement for Davey Wavey?

  • Little Kiwi

    the Queer & Literate world is looking for a replacement for DaveyWavey. ugh. please. ASAP.

  • Riker

    @Little Kiwi: I actually don’t mind Davey, I just don’t take him all that seriously. Occasionally he says something really worthwhile, but it gets drowned in all the shirtless psychobabble.

  • Daniel Villarreal

    @Riker: No, we’re not looking to champion just one blogger over and over again anymore so much as we’re looking to promote all sorts of good LGBT vloggers (especially women, transpeople, people of color, the poor, and HIV+ people). If you know of a good LGBT vlogger, please tell us about ’em so we can share with the rest of our readers.

  • Oscar Raymundo

    @Daniel Villarreal: People of color don’t vlog :P

  • neil

    he is adorable and quite lovable.

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