If You Want To Watch John McCain Be a Prick All Day, Here’s The Senate Armed Services Committee’s Live Feed

Mike Mullen and Robert Gates are going to make cameos! This thing is gonna be STAR STUDDED! (Also: Does anyone still find it a little amazing that they can sit at their computers and watch the nation’s top lawmakers bitch in public? I do.)

Mullen addressed McCain directly: The senator has accused him of not being a true troop leader (which is technically true), and thus not in tune with the needs of servicemembers. Mullen responded: Uh, you fucking idiot, DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT TOOK FOR ME TO BECOME CHAIRMAN OF THE JOINT CHIEFS? LEADING A LOT OF FUCKING TROOPS, DUMBASS.

Ham noted that in the beginning of the survey, he wasn’t thrilled to be attached to the project, but as it moved forward he concluded that not only was it necessary, the study showed him repeal is the right thing to do. He also answers McCain’s question about whether it’s time for DADT repeal: Yes, says Ham, because otherwise the courts will make the decision.

Johnson appealed to lawmakers’ sense of self, pointing out that as the Pentagon’s top lawyer his big concern is letting the courts decide the future of DADT. Nothing twists the heart of a legislator like telling them they’re going to be powerless!

WOW. Chatting with Sec. Gates about whether troops are ready to serve with out gays, Gates brings up the notion that many servicemembers (like the Marines) have little to no experience serving with women, but that shouldn’t discourage integration of the sexes the same way not serving openly with gays shouldn’t discourage integration between out heteros and out homos. Says McCain in an attempt to rebuff Gates: “I think they’re mature enough to say who they want to serve with.” Dude, you just proved our point.

Sen. James Inhofe says the policy is working just fine, pointing to the U.S. military’s high retention rates. Something about “if it ain’t broke.”

Indiana’s Sen. Evan Bayh for the win. He’s called DADT a policy of “hypocrisy,” and noted that gays and lesbians have always served in the military, and many of them are buried at Arlington Cemetery, but had we known about their sexuality we wouldn’t consider them heroes. We would’ve run them out of the armed forces.