If Your Ring Finger Is Longer Than Your Index Finger, You Have A Big Penis…

…or so a South Korean study would have you believe. The urology department of Gachon University Gil Hospital in Incheon. They measured the penises and hands of 144 men under anesthesia. According to their study, “the shorter index (second) finger than ring (fourth) finger you have, the longer stretched penile length you have.” Does that include men who are growers, not showers?

I had always heard that the size of a man’s Adam’s Apple hints at the size of their trouser snake. But if your index finger is taller than your ring finger, don’t fret. Yes, you may have a small penis, but the studied also concluded that you probably have a 33 percent lower chance of getting prostate cancer. Life’s full of such trade-offs.

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  • zach

    i heard that this related to femininity not penis length

  • QJ201

    I must be an outlier. Or maybe it only applies to Asian populations.

  • ewe

    Aren’t most index fingers shorter than the ring finger? You mean everybody is hung???

  • Cam


  • Steve

    Interestingly enough, the oppostie relation (index longer than ring finger) has been said to have some sort of correlation to male homosexuality.

  • Aiden - Seattle

    Mine are exactly the same length! What does that mean?! Does that mean I have a longer than average penis and less of a chance of getting prostate cancer? Best of both worlds! Woohoo!

  • Eric

    I’m so glad someone spent the money coming to this completely useless and more-than-likely false conclusion.

  • oh f*ck

    you know how true i WISH this study was??

  • Jaime Renee

    So they did the measuring while they were under? Kind of creepy.

    And I hear too often from issue laden heteros how the difference in finger lengths “definitely” shows if the person is really female or male.

  • Dieks

    I had understood a seperate “study” that of women w/a longer ring finger then their pointer finger… which was characteristic of “male hands” [[insert eyeroll here]] was a “lesbian” thingy. As was a ANOTHER completely seperate “study” of lesbian inner ear canals, being similiar to men.

    Now the finger thing… I can TOTALLY get.
    But who knew lesbianism was an inner ear thing??

  • valentine ghost

    @Steve: I thought it was the other way around. I’ve checked every gay guy I know and they all have longer ring fingers…

  • james

    Bullshit! my ring finger is longer then my index finger and I have a small dick!

  • tom

    Lol its true for me and my bf. Maybe a4a, manhunt, etc should make people post hand pics

  • Marriage Equality

    I guess that measurement only works for Koreans ;) … I’ll volunteer doing the same measurement here in the States! Any volunteers??

  • Bianca

    I think it’s related to testosterone levels, In women the index is longer than the ring finger. In men the ring finger should be longer.

  • faggytillgraduation


    i’m sorry

  • Eric

    BullSHIT– I’m gay and my ring finger is longer also i have small dick— CRAP!

  • Carson

    My ring finger is longer than my index finger AND I have a huge Adams Apple. I feel gifted.

  • Dieks


    Well lesbians “pack” the heat when it comes to fingers.

    But I am curious from this in the OP:::

    “The urology department of Gachon University Gil Hospital in Incheon. They measured the penises and hands of 144 men under anesthesia…”

    Why did they have to be anesthetized??
    I mean… they couldn’t find 144 waking men to be willing to measure their dicks?

    There are at least a thousand here on Queerty.

  • Daez

    @Jaime Renee: Issue laden heterosexuals? You mean the ones that don’t want to get with someone who is trans must have issues? SERIOUSLY? Some people don’t want to fuck a dude that is now a chick and you think they are the ones with issues? Get over yourself. If trans people didn’t lie to straight guys to get them into bed in the first place they would have no reason to be cautious. Yes, I expect trans people to use this opening line when approaching a straight man, “Hi, my name is , and I was born a man. I still have my penis!”

  • ewe

    @Eric: My ring finger is longer and i have a very very big mouth.

  • Adman

    I fit the criteria, but then I’m just glad I’m not too big. That might not even be a result. Does thickness and heft matter? Then of course my man has thick “man hands” with the middle and ring fingers closer in length than mine, and he’s thankfully not “too big” also. Maybe it’s because he has some gypsy blood? Some people just come from heartier stock I guess.

  • Arrogator

    Too bad this website got the reporting completely WRONG from the study. It is the opposite…the smaller the ratio, the larger the dick according to the research. I think the whole thing is basically bull…

  • Herbert J. Yates

    I always assumed I had a little dick despite being Italian. But three years ago I had a penectomy because of cancer. The medical personnel measure your penis when they cut it off and mine, according to their report, measured 7 1/4″. I had to check to make sure they didn’t cut off another persons’ penis. I asked the doctor several weeks later how they measure your penis and he said from its origin to the end. I must have had about four inches under raps between my legs. Anyway, I wish I had it back since I didn’t become gay and now I can’t get any at all. Life a one big pain in the nuts. I see good looking chicks, make all kinds of dreamy plans, and then remember, I ain’t got no tool.

  • Herbert J. Yates

    BTW, the about is not bull sh it. My real name is Umberto …….. (no peeking)

  • guyman

    wrong that means almost every guy would have a big penis. its the opposite the longer a male index finger is the larger his penis will be. make an L with your thumb and index finger strecth it out. the edge of your thumb to the top of your index finger when you make a fully strech L is your penis size. so the longer your index is the longer your penis is.. also make a peace sign and then put both your index and middle finger together the length side ways is how wide your penis is.. think im lying try it…

  • Jacob

    For caucasians it’s always tip of thumb to tip of forefinger while stretched

  • Reality check

    Easily enough, all you people above me that disagree with this study obviously have a tiny penis, why would you care to prove it wrong or even have the most moderate feeling as to this being stupid and have the brain cell to post the comment. Cause you have small dicks, now I’m not making fun of any of you but look at it this way if you have a giant penis, like I, why would you care what this study has to prove especially if your ring finger IS shorter then your index, and you have a big dick, congrats, but why you bitching about it being true or not, cause again small dick, is what you have.

  • Rob

    Why is everybody thinking so much about his dick and why is everybody measuring it?

    Who cares about cemtimeters or inches as long as he has fun with it and as long as the bottoms love that pole?

    Really don’t understand the duscussion here :)

    Greetz, Rob

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